Good roads are the cause for accidents and not bad ones says deputy CM

Karnataka’s Deputy CM believes – “good roads lead to more accidents”

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Karnataka’s Deputy CM believes – “good roads lead to more accidents”

Karnataka’s Deputy Chief Minister strongly believes that good roads are much more dangerous and prone to accidents than the good ones. 

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa stated earlier this week that he has explicitly directed his officials to bring-down traffic-violation fines in the state. A similar decision was taken by Gujrat’s government a couple of days back. 

In a press release, the CM stated –  “I have directed officials that we must follow the same rules here as well. We might be able to follow through on this in a few days. We will get their order copy and study it and ensure that there is no undue burden”. 

Deputy CM further stated that he will deep-dive into the details and the alterations made by the state of Gujarat. “Common people shouldn’t be burdened by the fines. Even though we might get additional funds, our intention is to come to the aid of the common people. In three-four days we will look at the changes elsewhere and take necessary action,” he quoted. 

Recently, the central government unveiled a significant increase in traffic violation fines in the new set of amendments Motor Vehicles Act. Bengaluru & Delhi traffic cops have reported a large collection in just six days of the activation of the new rules. Additionally, Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India has rejected centre’s suggestion to reduce the penalties. Inciting, the rules might lose their possible positive impact if scrapped so soon. 

Such steep fines have induced a reverse reaction from the public, demanding better roads & further betterment of infrastructure. Deputy CM, to which replied – “Every year the state witnesses around 10,000 road accidents. The media said the reason for that was bad roads but I said no, in fact, the reason was good roads,” at Holalkere in Chitradurga.

Currently, what we can speculate is – the new Motor Vehicles Act is driving forces in two different directions.