KIa Seltos is Hottest Selling SUV As It Crosses 50,000 Bookings

Kia Seltos is The Hottest New SUV with 50,000 Plus Bookings in India

Dev Tyagi
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Kia Seltos is The Hottest New SUV with 50,000 Plus Bookings in India

Dev Tyagi

There’s always this anticipation surrounding any new car arriving in the market. And it could be said that when it comes to the brand new Kia Seltos, then the Korean carmaker has created a sizeable early impression already upon its arrival in the Indian car market already.

This comes at a time where the automotive market in India is facing a tense situation, grappling with an acute shortage where it comes to the new car demand.

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Kudos therefore to the Kia Seltos for finding as many as 50,000 car bookings in the India market already, within weeks of being launched in the country.

Therefore, in lines with the above, it won’t be a misnomer to suggest that the car has managed to keep the Indian consumer intrigued with its bustling sales figures.

But before, we dive into the details of the exciting bit of development from the standpoint of Kia Seltos, here’s a quick recap of the salient features of the hottest selling SUV :

1)Kia Seltos is available in two petrol engine variants and one diesel variant

2) Along with all the engine configurations, both manual, as well as the automatic transmission options are available

3) If you are keen to go for the top-most variant of the Kia Seltos, then currently a 3-4 month waiting period awaits the new buyers

4) In the Indian market, the Kia Seltos is directly pitted against the likes of the Tata Harrier, MG Hector, and Nissan Kicks

The compact SUV has already found the sweet spot with the cautious Indian buyers, especially at a time where even the most renowned carmakers are facing the heat marked by a sheer lack of demand, arguably resulting from the growing clamor surrounding the economic slowdown.

That said, it cannot be taken for lightly that among the sectors worst impacted by the economic slowdown happens to the automotive segment. But the demands for Kia Seltos are exciting and paint an optimistic picture for the Korean carmaker ahead.

A noted auto publication lavished praise on the compact SUV and painted a fine picture, stating:

In fact, Kia managed to deliver 13990 units of the Seltos by the end of September 2019, despite it having been launched a little over a month ago. What’s more, the Korean carmaker has managed to garner 50,000 bookings for the SUV in just two and a half months.

It is believed that among the key reasons that explain the upward tide in the demand for the popular car is the wide variety of powertrain options the car is available in. With two petrol and one diesel option, the car gives plenty for the buyers to choose from, with all variants available in both manual as well as the automatic transmission option, hence there being no dearth in choice for the users.