KTM reveals X-Bow GTX for SRO GT2 racing.

KTM reveals X-Bow GTX for SRO GT2 racing.

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KTM reveals X-Bow GTX for SRO GT2 racing.

About 2 years ago, Stephan Ratel Organisation felt that there is a void left by the GT3 racing cars. To fill that void and to kickstart an era of cars oriented more towards the amateurs SRO started SRO GT2 races. Now, KTM revealed what can be tagged as more of an amateur oriented car but can still give a hard time to GT3s which are more track-oriented.

Dubbed the GTX, X-bow was launched 12 years ago with the same amount of enthusiasm and aggression as the Duke 1290, RC8 and the ‘Scalpel’. X-Bow amounted to sheer brutal power and precise handling but with a hefty price tag and an oversaturated market.

Even the ‘Hurlinger’ of race tracks is an oversaturated market, KTM still produced about 1300 original X-Bows. Equipped with a 237hp Audi TT engine, X-Bow was not on everyone’s list and desperately needed an upgrade and it did, cue in the ‘GTX’. 

The X-Bow GTX is now upgraded to a 600hp, fire-breathing powertrain borrowed from TTRS. A 2.5-Liter, 5-Cylinder engine, GTX is able to divulge in a power to weight ratio of 448.3 watts/KG. This is a commendable figure and with KTM’s long-drawn tradition of surgical precision in the handling department, GTX will most probably a cult-classic in this segment.

Though this is not a street version with the SRO GT2 line of specifications, it will be much easier for KTM to drop this car on the production line. KTM will be fighting for a podium position with the likes of Audi R8 LMS GT2 and other bigger manufacturers.