Local Garage VS Authorized Service Centre - which one to opt for?
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Local Garage VS Authorized Service Centre – Which one to opt for?


Your car is causing problems and you need to get it repaired or serviced, which of these two should you opt for – Local Garage VS Authorized Service Centre? It is very natural for this question to erupt in every car owners mind. Most car owners remain in a state of confusion whether to go or not to go for professional service centres or, simply the ‘Nukkad’ wala mechanic will be able to fix their problem. Going for professional car repair service will certainly give you peace of mind while the local car mechanic will be quiet nice on your pocket. Be it a new or used car, there are a lot of considerations, speculations, and expectations that people tend to have.

Let’s burst the bubble of myth and make a comparison between Local Garage VS Authorized Service Centre.

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Local Garage VS Authorized Service CentreLocal Mechanics

Local Garage VS Authorized Service Centre

When you buy a car, you swear to carry out certain activities on a regular basis such as change of oil and filter, getting your car washed etc. Car owners might just think of getting these regular jobs done off the bat in any nearby local mechanic shop. Now, the thing is it is fine to trust the locals for regular car servicing. Local mechanics tend to give their best in doing regular car servicing jobs well because they know for a fact that customers would come recurrently, only if they do the job well. You can choose a mechanic and ask him to check and repair your car every time. They do a satisfactory job and you can make a good rapport with them. Time and again, they can offer you a freebie as well. The biggest advantage of local garages is the cost factor. You can negotiate and ask for a better deal, every time. Something, which is not applicable at authorized service centres. However, a disadvantage of local mechanics is that most of them are jack of all trades and master of none. They apply trial and error method in most cases. The trial and error method might work at times but many a times it might just ruin your car parts. If you are at pally with the local mechanic he might as well suggest you some tips and tricks to sell your used car online.

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Local Garage VS Authorized Service Centre – Expert Professionals

Local Garage VS Authorized Service Centre

The key reason why people flock to an authorized service centre is to keep the warranty intact. Keeping the warranty of car or car parts intact helps in issuing of claims, in case of any damage. Professionals maintain a database of all cars they service across customers and dealerships. There have been instances when authorized service centres have refused to honour a warranty if the car has been services in a local garage or elsewhere. Therefore, it is advisable to keep visiting authorized service centres as long as your car or any car parts is under warranty. Again, in case of any damage or repair, you can be rest assured that authorized service centres would use genuine car parts only. Mechanics at an authorized service centres are experts and don’t abide by trial and error method. They have the expertise and knowhow as to how a particular issue will be solved.

Local Garage VS Authorized Service Centre – Final Conclusion

Simply put, after comparing Local Garage VS Authorized Service Centre, we now know for a fact that both of these have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Depending upon the time and need, a car owner should choose if or not he should visit a local garage mechanic or opt for professional services at an Authorized Service Centre.

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