Mahindra Bolero Neo Vs Mahindra Bolero: What's Different?
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Mahindra Bolero Neo Vs Mahindra Bolero: What’s Different?

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Mahindra has launched all the new Bolero Neo, the upgraded version of a classic in the Indian market. The Bolero Neo from Mahindra is ready to take on Indian roads with major tweaks from standard Bolero. Mahindra Bolero Neo has the same diesel engine, the new Bolero is launching in a different segment altogether. Although it is in a different segment, the design is pretty much mirrored. The Indian auto-manufacturer has the same design structure for the  Bolero Neo, the same as Bolero. 

Both the Boleros have a similar upright design which emphasizes the boxy structure of the car. The Bolero Neo has inculcated some curves so as to give it a new-gen look. With the extension in the wheel arches and flat window lines, the car designer had gone completely old school for these features in the design.
The Bolero Neo is more rectangular in shape as compared to the older version of Bolero. The car from Mahindra will be having the same bonnet and side body moulding as the older Bolero. The Bolero Neo is wider and shorter than the standard Bolero. There is an increase in the width of the Bolero Neo of about 50mm, and there also is a difference in the height of the car as the newer one comes short of 63mm from the standard one.

The Bolero Neo, as well as the standard Bolero, has longitudinal engines on the ladder-fame chassis. Both are sub-4m SUVs with rear-wheel drive. There are some tweaks in the chassis though, the new car from Mahindra uses Mahindra’s Gen 3 chassis. Gen 3 chassis from Mahindra is based on the chassis from the new Thar and Scorpio. Although the car comes with a set-up of new suspensions, the suspension set-up comprises of the independent front and multi-link rear suspension accompanied by the coil springs and the stabilizer bars.

The engine in the new Bolero Neo is a 1.5liter diesel engine. The powerhouse of the Bolero Neo comes along with a variable geometry turbo to give it the extra power. The car is able to put in 100hp and 260Nm to provide it with an edge over the standard Bolero, which can only deliver 76hp and 210Nm. The new car will come along with an option for a mechanical locking differential on the rear axle. This makes the car more capable of off-roading.

The dual-tone dashboard is one of the many features and changes that we can see in the new Bolero Neo. The cabin is loaded with features that provide much more comfort and convenience to the passengers. The cabin is a bit different from the one which we see in TUV300. The car can offer to seat up to 7 with jump seats in the rear. The standard Bolero may be lacking with a lot of features, but the newer one has the latest tech.
The fully loaded N10 variant from Mahindra will have features such as alloy wheels, ABS and corner braking control, front-seat armrests, LED daytime running lamps, drive seat height adjustment, cruise control, etc.  The prices are still not announced and are expected at a later date. The standard Bolero only had features such as driver-airbags, ABS, audio system, air-conditioning, etc., in its fully loaded variant. 

The new Bolero and the standard Bolero share a similar price range. The Bolero Neo and the standard Bolero both have three variants each. The newer Bolero comes in N4, N8, and N10 variants, whereas the standard Bolero comes in B4, B6, and B6(O) variants. The price for the Mahindra Bolero Neo is the same pan-India, whereas the standard Bolero’s prices vary according to the location. The Bolero Neo has a price range of 8.48-9.99 lakhs, whereas the standard Bolero has a price range of 8.63-9.61 lakhs.  The higher trim levels see a more premium price, as is expected, with the N8 and N9 priced at Rs 9.48 and 9.99 lakhs, respectively. This is a significant rise from the standard Bolero. 

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and as it is clear with the stellar features of the new Bolero houses, the parts are as good as it gets. Here’s hoping the final, newer, upgraded Bolero is as great as it sounds. It will definitely be an attractive buy for the Indian market!

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