Reputed names Maruti Suzuki and Toyota Tsusho begin recycling unit

Maruti Suzuki And Toyota Tsusho Begin Vehicle Recycling Unit

Dev Tyagi
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Maruti Suzuki And Toyota Tsusho Begin Vehicle Recycling Unit

Dev Tyagi

Reputed names in the automobile market Maruti Suzuki and Toyota Tsusho have together announced imminent plans to begin the vehicle dismantling and recycling operations. On Wednesday, i.e., 6 November 2019, Maruti Suzuki and Toyota Tsusho announced that they would be setting up a one-of-a-kind vehicle dismantling and recycling joint venture.

Never before have the two big names in the sphere of automobile joined hands to form a venture in the said regard, hence this being a one-of-a-kind alliance toward an important spectrum of automotive operations.

The JV, birthing out of the collaboration of Maruti Suzuki and Toyota Tsusho is called Maruti Suzuki Toyotsu India Private Limited(MSTI).

Close sources confirm that the joint venture is between- Maruti Suzuki India Limited(MSIL) and Toyota Tsusho Group as well as Toyota Tsusho India Private Limited, i.e., TTIPL. The share of either firm in this venture is 50 percent equity.

Very soon from now, during the 2020-21 period, the vehicle dismantling and recycling unit will be set up by Maruti Suzuki Toyotsu India Private Limited, it has been confirmed. The same will come up about in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Additionally, MSTI will then be responsible for procuring and dismantling what one calls End-Of-Life vehicles or ELVs as they are called. Bearing in mind full adherence to global international standards environmental and quality standards, the processes applied in dismantling will involve solid and liquid waste management.

That said, it’s important to know that the unit in Noida will be a first of its nature and soon, newer entities will emerge across India according to the plans of the JV.

It’s also known that the first unit will have the capacity to dismantle nearly 2000 units per month. The vehicles will be sourced both directly from customers as well as from the auto dealers.

In the words of Kenichi Ayukawa, MD, and CEO of Maruti Suzuki India Limited, ” Maruti Suzuki strongly believes in responsible recycling of vehicles after end of its useful life. Through this Joint Venture, MSTI, we aim to promote recycling and support in resource optimization and conservation while using environment-friendly systems and processes. The scrapping of older vehicles in a scientific and environment-friendly manner will help to reduce pollution and also make the roads safer.”

He would also go on to add that a team of experts at MSTI would be involved in dismantling of the vehicle units using internationally adopted and used methods and technologies.

That said, in response to this major developing story, the CEO (Metal Division) of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Mr. Naoji Saito also shared his views and insights, ” Toyota Tsusho has started ELV recycling since the 1970s in Japan. We believe that we will be able to contribute to Indian society through our knowledge and experience for ELV business. The first vehicle dismantling and recycling unit of MSTI is just the initial step and we are eager to expand to the pan-India base with Maruti Suzuki.”