Men vs Women Drivers: Time To Put An End To This Discussion

Men vs. Women, who are better behind the wheel, does this question really deserve an answer?

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Men vs. Women, who are better behind the wheel, does this question really deserve an answer?

Everyone has, at some point in their life, been subjected to the incredulous debate that has gone on for far too long to be necessary. Yes, the infamous men vs. women debate. Who does what better? Countless articles have been published, debates held, comments unfurled with no conclusion. Most of these are grounded in deep-rooted sexism as well as stereotypes that have defined gender roles for millennia. This #InternationalWomen’sDay we set forth a question of our own. Are these questions necessary in today’s world? Why does it hold such importance even today, given the rise of the feminist movement? And more importantly, how much sense does it actually make?

Perhaps the most oft-asked and frankly the most annoying stereotype deals with the driving capabilities of the ‘fairer sex’. Backed up by “facts”, many have argued that women tend to be problematic on the roads owing to their flair for the dramatic and a penchant for being overly cautious. Well, we call bullshit on that. Not only are those beliefs wildly depreciating but they are also, untrue. Studies have claimed that women are better drivers as compared to their men counterparts and frankly that is highly believable. My question remains, what is so inherently wrong about being cautious? You are on the road. Not being cautious is highly unrecommended and honestly, dumb. Calling out women based on what can only be described as a smart decision is also dumb, but more on that later.

Men vs Women Drivers

The driving capabilities are not defined by one’s gender rather by the ability to handle the vehicle. Sure, both men and women have some skills that they are better at than the other. But contrary to popular belief, neither gender holds superiority in driving. The idea that women are bad drivers is merely a myth and is backed by a number of statistics. Women generally do not tend to over speed. Research has shown that women drivers are less involved in accidents that are caused due to incorrect overtaking than their male counterparts. Women are more cautious than men usually which helps them abide by traffic rules and to tell you the truth, that’s just good sense.

Most of the stereotypes that women are subjected to are merely what appropriate road behavior should be. And men are stereotyped for not following them. This casual sexism works both ways and showcases women as being slow while the men are represented as rash and brute. As common sense should prevail, being a good driver is not be affected by your gender at all. Maybe slightly, but not in any way significantly. Being a good driver is a very personal skill and, sorry to burst the bubble, not indicative of gender. And that’s the tea.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the women and men out there, smashing the stereotypes. May we all have the strength to call out the society on its crap. And stop pretending this men vs. women debate holds any relevance. You do you! It’s 2020 after all, right?