Mercedes-Benz India Extends Service & Warranty Schedule Till June 30
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Mercedes-Benz India Extends Service & Warranty Schedule Till June 30

Luxury German automaker Mercedes-Benz has announced that it has extended the service and warranty period for customers amidst the ongoing lockdown. With several companies doing the same to assure customers of their continued support, the three-pointed star has joined the extension game as well. Interestingly enough, Audi, yet another luxury German marque, beat Mercedes-Benz to the punch as it announced its extension just a day prior. Considering the challenges faced by the industry at the moment, automakers are doing whatever they can to ensure their customers don’t jump ship.

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2021 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine launched in India

Speaking about the extension program was Martin Schwenk, MD and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India. He stated,

“In the current challenging situation, it remains our endeavour to assure our customers of complete peace of mind when it comes to their vehicles. Through these specially crafted service initiatives along with our service teams’ ongoing support working remotely, our customers will continue to enjoy a hassle-free vehicle ownership.”

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maestro Edition front
The Maestro Edition is based on the previous-gen S-Class

The extension announced by Mercedes-Benz India is valid for customers whose service and warranty period would otherwise expire between April 15 and May 31. According to the German automaker, it will also offer its customers the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty coverage during this period while also supporting the renewal of their motor vehicle insurance. At the same time, customers who already have the standard 3-year warranty will have the expiration date pushed to June 30. Better yet, Mercedes-Benz India said that it has acquired special permission in order to provide its customers with roadside assistance as and when required.

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2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class facelift launched in India

Mercedes-Benz presently has over 20 models in its lineup in India, with more to come in the near future. The range commences with the new A-Class Limousine, which starts from Rs 39.90 Lakh. It is not only one of the brand’s latest models in the country, but it is also their most affordable. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz recently launched the new C-Class and E-Class sedans in India as well. The starting price of the recently revised C-Class is Rs 50.01 Lakh, which is indeed quite high for a C-Class. However, do note that this takes into account the recent price hike of up to Rs 3.14 lakh that came into effect recently. As for the extremely popular Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan, its cost ranges between Rs 63.60 Lakh to Rs 80.90 Lakh.

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Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG
Nothing quite as amazing as a G63 AMG!

On the other end of the spectrum lies the brand’s flagship S-Class. While an all-new iteration is on its way, the outgoing S-Class costs between Rs 1.42 Crore to Rs 1.51 Crore (Maestro Edition). On the other hand, if money is no object, you can go for the Maybach S650 (previous-gen). Since it is the grander version of an already grand automobile, the Mercedes-Maybach S650 costs Rs 2.79 Crore (prior to any optional extras). Mercedes-Benz also has a lot of SUV models on sale in India. However, its most enigmatic and legendary model is none other than the G-Class (aka, the G-Wagen). And if we are talking about the G-Wagen, let’s gloss over the ‘entry-level’ G350d (which starts at Rs 1.62 Crore, by the way), and just look at the stunning G63 AMG. In India, the Mercedes-AMG G63 starts from Rs 2.42 Crore.

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