Auto Expo 2020: Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Launched, Costs 1.38 Crore

Auto Expo 2020: Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Launched, Costs 1.38 Crore

Dev Tyagi
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Auto Expo 2020: Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Launched, Costs 1.38 Crore

Dev Tyagi

The Mercedes Benz V-Class is a niche in the luxury car segment, the MPVs newest camper variant, the Marco Polo was unveiled in the Auto Expo today. The Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon is priced at Rs 1.38 crore and V-Class Marco Polo is priced at Rs 1.46 crore (ex-showroom).  This will also be the first commercially produced campervan in the country, it is no lesser than a luxury living space on wheels.

Sedans offer a sense of élan to the passenger in an age where comfort and luxury are highly sought. These are the values you just can’t do without in today’s times, can you? The SUVs cut an impressive figure, offering power to the adventurer, but for a traveller who craves some luxury even in the most remote places accessible by road, the Mercedes Marco Polo is the answer!

But oh what thrill it is to be in a Camper.

Perhaps you make a sense of this, for Campers are cars (often vans or mini-bus or caravans hooked to an SUV) that evoke intrigue, albeit existing in a space where conversations are often restricted to elegance and design, where the parameter to gauge performance is often undermined by the size of the machine. And where the thought of driving caravans is somewhat plagued by familiar anxieties.

“What’s fancy or comfortable about a wagon stationed usually for the long tiring, arduous journey?” And right then, when an ace like Mercedes offers something exciting in a space that’s not cohabited by luxury, there’s something inevitably exciting to look forward to. For instance, the Marco Polo, slated to be the country’s first commercially-produced camper.

Mercedes Benz V Class Marco Polo Interior- 1

Hailing from a house of unquestionable luxury, Mercedes Benz has already claimed that the Marco Polo Campers will douse the common perceptions that plague the space of this burly machine. The Mercedes-Benz V-class elite, according to the German giant, is classy, compact and yet, comfortable camper. Should the three extremely valuable ‘C’s stick in for a vastly-respected brand, this may tidy up the ‘C’ynicism that accompanies large-sized camper vans.

The Marco Polo made its first public appearance at the country’s premier auto exhibition- AutoExpo 2020 at Noida, it is a Camper with a difference. The offering, one supposes, germinates from the need to blend comfort and compactness. Not always the big offer in a space of large vans where compactness is but a stranger. But specifically to India, one of the unquestionably competitive terrains for the mega-brand, the Marco Polo isn’t a strange entity.

It’s already knocked on our doors before. Here’s a case in point. One doesn’t have to rewind too far back in the past to recollect Mercedes Benz’ Marco Polo entry in the country. It was in 2019 that Mercedes Benz Marco Polo was launched in two models. The 7-seater extra long-wheelbase V-Class expression was priced at INR 68.40 lakh (ex-showroom). And then, the V-class elite, priced at INR 1.1 crore (ex-showroom).

It could be said, the seemingly perfect offering for the long journey, often taxing in distance, will now be feted by a machine that comes packed with divergent features. There is hardly a doubt about Mercedes’ prowess to offer luxury or comfort. The excitement about the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo is palpable and not unjustified.

Mercedes Benz V Class Marco Polo Interior-2

It’s important to reflect on what Mr. Martin Schwenk, Mercedes-Benz India Managing Director-and-CEO had to offer on the catchy presence at the forthcoming Auto Expo: “At Auto Expo 2020, besides launching the AMG GT 4 Door Coupe and unveiling the A-Class Limousine and the New GLA SUV, we also will be launching something unique and never seen before in India. Inspired by the success of the V-Class Luxury MPV in India, we will be launching the V-Class Marco Polo Camper.”

The fact that a famous predecessor in the V-Class Luxury MPV already found success in India, offers a glimpse of why Mercedes and the buzzing market are excited about the new arrival.

The Auto Expo 2020 will be held from February 7 to 12.