MG Motors India is firing on all cylinders to execute their proposed plans for the country. Recently, they conducted a roadshow in three major cities, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. In all three events, they displayed their ZS Compact SUV. However, the ZS won’t be the first SUV that will be launching here. MG Motors India will be preparing a separate vehicle on the same platform as the existing cars in their portfolio. The India specific SUV will be highly tweaked and modified to suit the country’s requirements and conditions.

MG Motors India First SUV ZS

They have also stated that the upcoming SUV is going to be aimed at the premium segment. As per them, it will be a notch above the Ford Ecosport and Maruti Suzuki Renault Duster. This implies that it will be competing in the above-4-meter monocoque SUV segment which currently consists of the Hyundai Creta and Jeep Compass. Pallavi Singh, head of marketing, MG Motors India in an interview with CarDekho stated that their first car in India will certainly be a full-on SUV with a strong stance. She insisted that it will exude a lot of boldness and that customers will instantly associate that attribute to their brand and logo.

MG Motors India SUV: Expected Launch and Competition

Along with that, she stated that the competition will indeed be in the premium segment. That pretty much confirms it will be placed with the Jeep Compass or between the Compass and the Creta. She also added the ownership experience with MG Motors India will be as digitized and personalised as possible. MG Motors India will be launching 4 models but in the gap of 2-3 years. They have a lot of heritage backing them which should certainly help them reach out to the Indian crowd. Their first SUV is expected to be launched around mid-2019.