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10 Ways To Modify Your Car To Make It Feel Like New

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Although most of us spend a considerable amount of time in our cars, we often tend to neglect them over a period of time. Our cars can become ‘old’ very quickly but do you know its very easy to modify your car to make it feel like new? CARS24 lists down ten easy ways of doing the same

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Modify Your Car: Give it A Service

Dent on the pocket: Rs 5000 – 10000

This is the most essential part when you want to modify your car to feel like new. A proper service will make it run smoother, will increase the fuel economy, lower the engine sound and give it a better performance. If your car is older than say 5 years, it makes sense to not only replace the engine oil, but also change the oil filter, air filter, air-con filter, spark plugs, coolant liquid etc. All these jobs will go a long way in making your car feel much younger. We recommend you stick to an authorized workshop for peace of mind. Do read our article on “things to check before leaving a service center” for more details.

modify your car

Take It To A Car Spa

Dent on the pocket: Rs 4000 – 6000

We should pamper our cars as well. There are numerous options available in metro cities these days and such outlets will offer you a detailed package for exteriors and interiors. These not only include a foam wash but also offer complete interior clean up, steam process for removing germs, rubbing and polishing etc. Such treatments will also take care of removing seat stains and minor external scratches. Trust us, your car will shine like new after a thorough process.

Make It Smell Good

Dent on the pocket: Few hundred rupees

A car that smells good, feels good. Invest into a small car perfume that will also take care of unwanted cabin odor. Don’t forget to read our article on ‘how to remove car odor‘. However be careful of cheap ones that end up leaking when you leave your car parked under the sun.

Accessorize It

Dent on the pocket: Few thousand rupees

After you have given your car a proper service and a much deserved car spa, take it for a quick shopping outing. You can refer to our “5 must have car accessories” article for some cool ideas. Additionally, you can invest into new car seats, floor mats, steering wheel cover and even new number plates. You will be amazed to see a world of difference with these changes.

modify your car

New Shoes For Your Car

Dent on the pocket: Rs 12000 – 20000

The tyres are the only contact points between the car and the road. Tyres are not only important for proper traction but can also control the amount of road noise filtering into the cabin as well as absorption of undulations. CARS24 buys thousands of cars from owners each month and we do come across cases where a car is 5 years old but has only been driven 20-30000km. In this case, though the tyre tread is still good, the compound becomes hard with time, thereby leading to road noise and a hard ride quality. Hence, it is recommended to get your car a new set of tyres if they are older than 4-5 years.

Bumper Touch-Up

Dent on the pocket: Rs 3000 – 5000

No matter how hard we try, in most metro cities, our car’s bumpers end up taking a lot of hit by other vehicles. Scratches and minor dents on the bumpers are a common affair and thankfully these are easy to repair. There are numerous workshops that specialize in repairing of bumpers including touch up of the lost paint. You can even buy a new bumper for as low as 1500-2000 for most hatchbacks and spend another couple of thousands in getting it painted.

modify your car

Add Some Bling

Dent on the pocket: Rs 15000 – 20000

Alloy wheels are by far the most common modification that we end up doing to our car. But this is also the best way to make it look cool. A set of four alloy wheels can cost as low as 12000 for a small car but can go as high as a lakh for premium models. Do not invest into cheap imitations or low quality alloy wheels as they can crack under pressure. Remember, a good set of alloys will also end up increasing the resale value of your car few years down the line.

Lights & Horn

Dent on the pocket: Rs 2000 – 5000

The illumination intensity of old cars can go down with time. Though getting the inside of the headlamp casing cleaned will help, we recommend you to purchase new bulbs as well. A lot of companies are now making excellent products which have better illumination power while retaining the same ratings as the OE product. Likewise, you can also upgrade your car’s horn to a dual-tone one. That said, make sure the horn’s output levels are under the prescribed limits. We also suggest that you should not invest into illegal roof mounted LEDs or other lights that could be of nuisances to other roads users.

modify your car
Capture some cool images of your ‘new’ old car!


Dent on the pocket: Nil!

And finally, its time to photograph your ‘new’ old car. Think about a good location with a clean background and click some images that you can share with your friends or upload on social profiles – don’t forget to tag us in the images! Everyone loves a car that looks ‘new’ and shines all day long.

Till the next time, take care and drive safe!

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