Monsoon Car Care: 5 Important Tips For Windshield Wiper And Wiper Blades

Monsoon Car Care: 5 Important Tips For Windshield Wiper Of Your Car

Monsoon Car Care: 5 Important Tips For Windshield Wiper Of Your Car

When you use the car regularly for day-to-day affairs, it obviously keeps moving and isn’t reduced to a standstill, much unlike what’s happening today. As wherever one sees, there’s hardly much movement; our activities, and travel utterly restricted in lines with the COVID-19 lockdown.

In some sense, it’s easier to care for a piece of machinery that’s subjected to regular use than to clean it up when just parked aside in one place. Remember the accumulation of dirt and dust. Also, remember the painstaking process it becomes to clean up intricate parts of something like your car.

There are some parts that are quick to fall to dirt and thus, making it difficult for the owner to deal with an elaborate process of cleaning. Moreover, with the monsoon season fast approaching, it’s always handy to know how to prepare your car for the rains.

The wiper blades might be a small part in a car but it plays a prominent role during monsoon season and rains. It helps you clear the raindrops on the windshield thereby providing the much-needed visibility for a driver.

Let’s look at Five important tips for windshield wiper care of your car:

Cleaning the Windscreen and Wiper Blades of the car

In a tropical territory like India, where there’s no respite from recurring monsoons, year after year, a major component of the car that comes under regular use is the windscreen. That obviously means- increased use of the wiper blades.

Frankly, one may rarely use them for the better part of the year, but that doesn’t mean that anything that’s not frequently used doesn’t attract dust. Right?

Thanks to the events marked by the recent lockdown, there hasn’t been all that much use of the wiper blades but the scenario will change very soon. Moreover, just sitting out there going unused only implies aggregation of dust that’s important to do away with.

Among the key tips for wiper care of your car is to clean the wiper blades with a clean piece of cloth, soaked in water. Apply some shampoo and some glass cleaner for the windshield of the car too.

If your wiper blades are made of rubber, then using hot water is a good idea too.

How to smooth the rough edges of the wiper blade?

Not being in recurrent use may have led to an increased roughness of the wiper blades thanks to them gathering dust and dirt.

So first up, ensuring that the rubber edges do not have some uniformity is an important check-point. But if the edges are beyond repair and too hard, then the only way forward is to replace them.

However, upon some exploration, you’d find that most markets have something called a wiper blade restoration tool. In India, it may not exceed INR 500.

New rubber edges on the wiper blade means crystal clear visibility during rains!

Soften the rubber of the Wiper Blades

Another thing typical to Indian topography is the hot weather. And for much of the year, there’s no doing away with that. While we can’t do anything to the persisting season, we can definitely do something to correct the rubber quality. Ever wondered if petroleum jelly could be used in some way?

Guess what? Among the important tips for wiper care of your car is to soften the hard or rough rubber edges by applying some petroleum jelly to it.

If you think about it, then the Vaseline has myriad uses, one among them being softening hard edges of the rubber. At the end of the day, the softer the rubber of the wiper blade, the better it’ll be for the windscreen. Isn’t it?

Tighten the wiper arms

Wiper Arm

Ever thought about this one? The screws on the wiper need to be checked at times. For the simple reason to ensure that they have not become weak. Consider this an important check-point before the monsoons even arrive.

First up, remove the plastic cap.

But what you need to check is whether the screws aren’t overtightened, in which case you know what to do.

Make use of WD-40 Spray for Wiper Arm Springs

It’s important to realize that the wiper arm springs put some tension on the arms and assist in better contact between the wiper blades and the windshield.

What to do then? Why not use the WD-40, an amazing tool with some great properties.

Begin by spraying it on wiper arm springs. What it’ll do is that it will loosen any rust and free it from any stuck portions. Thus, it helps the spring to function better.

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