My Family Mechanic suggested me to sell my Car to CARS24

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Mr. Kapil Kumar booked an appointment with CARS24 Model Town branch for 21st November, 2018. He was there to sell his old Hyundai i20 and was received by Mr. Ashutosh, RM at Model Town branch. Mr. Kapil was an organized person; he had brought all the documents required with him in the right order. While his car was getting inspected Mr. Ashutosh started a random conversation with Mr. Kapil and candidly asked him about the reason that made him sell his car.

Mr. Ashutosh – Mr. Kapil, your car is in a good condition. Seems you have conducted regular servicing.

Mr. Kapil – Yes. The car is very dear to me. Over the last few years I have ensured that the car gets the treatment it should.

Mr. Ashutosh – In that case, what made you think of selling it?

Mr. Kapil – Well, no matter how much care you take of your car, after a point of time you can’t expect the car to function as properly as it was on day one. I am into the business of food and in spite of taking all precaution there are some items which deteriorate after a span of time. We need to discard them as we can’t circulate that for consumption. Similar is the case with old cars. You might have the greatest of the mechanics to look after your car but you have to remember that it is a perishable item and will run only for a particular number of years or kilometres. Thus, before it becomes a scrap one should sell it and take the good resale amount.

Mr. Ashutosh – Very well thought. Sir, where did you come to know about CARS24?

Mr. Kapil – My Mechanic suggested me to sell my Car before it turns a scrap. And, whenever we switch on the television or radio, CARS24 is seen or heard.

Mr. Kapil has taken the right decision to sell his car at the right time. What about you? If you are planning to sell your old car, you may contact CARS24.





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