Global NCAP releases crash test results for Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Datsun cars
Dev Tyagi
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Global NCAP Releases Latest Crash Test Results – Maruti Ertiga, Maruti Wagon R, Hyundai Santro, Datsun Redigo Tested!

Dev Tyagi

International charity and global crash test of programmes working round the clock toward car safety recently conducted the crash tests for various four-wheelers. Integral to the Global NCAP tests were several vehicles from the Maruti Suzuki, Datsun, and Hyundai stable.

The said tests were carried out under Global NCAP’s #SaferCarsForIndia campaign

The following are the crash test results for the likes of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Maruti Wagon R, Hyundai Santro, as well as Datson Redigo. But before you delve into the tests’ details, it’s worthwhile to note that none of the aforementioned cars were able to score a five-star rating.

That said, let’s find out in lucid detail the result of each car’s tests:

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga: 3/5 stars on Adult Safety, 3/5 on Child Safety

Of all the cars tested under the Global NCAP programme, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, it ought to be told, emerged as the best performer in the latest round of tests.

Where it comes to adult protection, the Ertiga was able to score a decent 3 stars. The MPV’s bodyshell was rated as borderline unstable. Ditto for its footwell region, as a result of which the occupants of the front-seat lie vulnerable to foot injuries.

On the aspect of child safety, the Ertiga scored 3 Stars, the best out of all the cars tested. And it was also established that the car tested well for a three-year-old dummy.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R- 2/5 stars on Adult Safety, 2/5 stars on Child Safety

The latest version of the popular hatchback from the Maruti stable didn’t deliver as expected on the safety count, as a result of which, it was only able to score two stars on the parameter of adult safety.

Both the bodyshell of the car as well as the footwell were identified as ‘unstable,’ while the head and neck protection for the driver and the co-passenger were found to be adequate.

What was also identified as a major lacking in the car was the aspect of child safety. The child restraint system for the three-year-old dummy broke during the test, underlining the safety woes of the popular Maruti hatchback.

Hyundai Santro- 2/5 stars on Adult Safety, 2/5 stars on Child Safety

When it comes to adult protection, then the popular Hyundai offering scored just 2 points. A critical lacking in the car, it could be said, points to the foremost aspects of adult safety. Wondering how? The body structure, as well as the footwell, were rated as unstable.

When it comes to the front adult occupants of the cars, then their head and neck protection were labeled good but a critical aspect of the driver’s safety- the chest protection- was found to be weak.

What’s most surprising on the part of the famous carmaker is that Hyundai does not recommend a child-restraint system.

While it didn’t break upon testing, the child seat for the three-year-old dummy showed massive movement upon impact, thus leaving a lot to be desired.

Datsun Redigo- 1.5 on Adult Safety, 2/5 stars on Child Safety

The Redigo didn’t readily pass with flying colors, scoring just one star for adult protection. Global NCAP found the bodyshell and footwell of the car unstable while the head and neck protection for the car’s front-seat occupants was found to be satisfactory.

There’s a lot of work that the Redigo needs to do when it comes to the driver’s chest protection zone, which was found wanting. Surprisingly, of the cars tested by Global NCAP, the Redigo was the only car that didn’t feature a safety belt reminder.

Moreover, the static seat belts at the back of the car’s seats were unable to withstand movement for the child-seat upon impact, which exposed the three-year-old dummy’s heads.