New BS6 Cars To Feature Green Identification Strip, Third Registration Plate
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New BS6 Cars To Feature Green Identification Strip, Third Registration Plate

In a new addition to the rules regarding the BS-VI compliant vehicles, the government has made it mandatory for all BS6 cars to have a one cm green sticker.

BS6 Hyundai Venue

Said to provide the registration details, the order will come to effect from October 1, 2020. In a statement, the Ministry Of Road Transport and Highways said, “Vehicles complying with BS-VI emission norms shall have 1 cm green strip at the top in the third registration plate“.

What is third registration plate?

This new regulation can be seen as an extension of the previously ordered Motor Vehicles (High-Security Registration Plates) Order, dated 2018. The government had earlier decreed that all motor vehicles will be fitted with tamper-proof, high-security registration plates (HSRP) from April 1, 2019. The registration plate (HSRP) will be fitted on the inside of the windshields of all newly manufactured cars and can be termed as the ‘third registration plate‘.

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Where is the third registration sticker located in a car?

The third registration sticker/ plate is a chromium-based hologram that is hot-stamped on the top left corner of the number plates, both front and back. Apart from this, a minimum 10 digit permanent identification number is laser-branded into the reflective sheeting at the bottom left of the registration plate. The third number plate is also slated to have a color-coded system for identification of the fuel used in the vehicle. The colour coding is done in order to detect polluting vehicles from the non-polluting ones.

A ministry official explained the unique feature. “Accordingly, a feature in form of a unique strip of green colour of 1 cm wide on top of the existing third registration sticker for the purpose of BS-VI vehicles of any fuel type i.e. — for petrol or CNG, which have a light blue colour sticker and a diesel vehicle which is of orange colour sticker — will have a green strip of 1 CM on top has been mandated,” he said.

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He added that looking at the distinct identification tactics used in other counties, reforms were sought to make such efforts for the newly mandated BS-VI vehicles as well.

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