The new motor vehicle act has something rather interesting for the cops

New Motor Vehicle Act: Cops Will Now Wear Cameras To Record Instances Of Traffic Violations

Dev Tyagi
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New Motor Vehicle Act: Cops Will Now Wear Cameras To Record Instances Of Traffic Violations

Dev Tyagi

Ever since it came into effect, the New Motor Vehicle Act has generated a lot of buzz. It’s been incorporated to do more than just keep a tab on traffic violations that are actually an everyday scenario and not just in the mainstream urban centres in India since the problem runs deep into the heartland.

So there was hardly any surprise when on day one of the New Motor Vehicle Act coming into place, the Delhi police issued as many as 3,900 challans to traffic violators. This indicates that traffic violations indeed are a peril nightmare in the world’s largest democracy, aren’t they?

But all of that said, one wonders as to what is the latest rule that comes into effect according to the New Motor Vehicle Act? Well, embrace for a rather interesting change that’s on the horizons, Delhiites!

Never before has one seen an average traffic cop being adorned in tech-related paraphernalia, right? Guess that’s the massive change on the cards.

Well, believe it or not, but Delhi cops will soon be seen wearing cameras on their uniform in a rather unprecedented move. And in lines with swift compliance with the requirement of the New Motor Vehicle Act, already as many as 626 body-worn cameras have been allotted to the traffic cops in Delhi.

The same was confirmed by the Joint Commissioner Of Police, Mr Narendra Singh Bundela. That said, it is worthwhile to note that the New Motor Vehicle Act has been implemented not only in Delhi, but across various key states in the country that include- Punjab, West Bengal, and Madhya Pradesh.

But it remains to be seen as to how would the traffic cops (in Delhi) aim to bring about a tighter noose around traffic violators? Well, to that end, it’s interesting to note that the police authorities have already installed digital cameras and CCTV cameras in the NCR-region to keep a close watch on the ongoing traffic situations. Close surveillance it is believed, by virtue of digital monitoring will help the authorities to keep situations under control.

Moreover, there are other interesting developments on the horizon with regards to the implementation of the New Motor Vehicle Act:

Certain new amendments have increased several penalties by up to 10 times for violations of traffic rules. For example, the penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol has been increased from Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000 or six months of imprisonment. Similarly, a person driving a two-wheeler without a helmet or seat-belts will be fined Rs 1,000, which was Rs 100 earlier, while those driving without a license can be fined Rs 5,000 or face three-month jail.

One’s got to say that these indeed are stringent but much-needed measures being taken to introduce tighter control and order on the unruly roads of the national capital and other regions.

Therefore, it ought to be said, that in lines with the incorporation of stricter traffic rules than before, one will now think twice- hopefully- before even thinking of violating the traffic norms. And maybe that’s the first clean way to ensure civilian traffic hygiene, something that the country so desperately needs at this point in time.

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