NHAI to Build EV Charging Stations Along National Highways

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In a bid to boost the electric vehicle infrastructure in India, the National Highways Authority of India, or NHAI, is all set to introduce multiple EV charging stations all across the country. NHAI and these EV charging stations could probably forge what is inarguably the strongest partnership of the Indian automotive scene. It will not only boost the electric vehicle infrastructure in India but also push the Indian citizens towards investing in EVs themselves, for better maintenance and application will come with the better infrastructure that this alliance proposes. 

EV charging station in India

NHAI is aiming to incorporate this plan with the existing decision to invest in real estate development along the national highways of the country. The development of better and promising highway infrastructure has been in talks ever since NHAI had identified over 3000 hectares of land for the development programme. With more than 650 properties for EV charging stations across 22 states, it is believed to begin within the next five years, according to several reports, as NHAI consolidates with the private sector for this initiative.

Over 650 sites have already been identified and marked for the programme, including 94 along the new Delhi-Mumbai expressway, almost 180 along the pre-existing highways across the country, and even 376 new ones along expressways that are still being built! If that doesn’t scream eyes on the prize, we don’t know what would. Even more promising is the fact that several private developers have already responded to the bids that have been sent out for a few (roughly 140) of these sites, reflecting that this will be a massive (and insanely profitable) project for the upcoming five or so years. NHAI is not only planning to build these charging stations through this project but also other infrastructural, commercial spaces like restaurants, food courts, and retail outlets, among others. 

As mentioned above, this is a huge step in the right direction for the introduction and increasing usage of electric vehicles in India. The installation of EV charging stations along the national highways that are easily available at hand will help not only the existing EV owners but also help introduce them to those who had their qualms about the accessibility of the EV in terms of long-distance travel. The current situation of the number of EV charging stations is not great, to be very honest, and has been holding back many potential EV buyers. 

This will definitely give a much-needed push, if not skyrocket, the EV culture in India that currently stands at a very initial stage. This step might also help in achieving the goal that the Indian Union Minister Nitin Gadkari had set for the country, aiming to become the biggest manufacturer of EVs globally. That includes potentially building a nexus of over 3 million public EV charging stations by the end of this decade. 

Here’s hoping the future is full of world-class infrastructure and everything our EV dreams are made of! 

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