Watch an Olympian run in a bubble full of hydrogen car emissions

WATCH: Olympian Runs In Bubble Of Hydrogen Car Emissions, Creates International Headlines

Dev Tyagi
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WATCH: Olympian Runs In Bubble Of Hydrogen Car Emissions, Creates International Headlines

Dev Tyagi

Stellar cars, amazing technology, and incredible marketing campaigns! One wonders, what happens when the trinity comes together to create something spectacular? Well, what else but sensational headlines around the globe, isn’t it?

And in making a true demonstration of the above, one of the world’s most widely consumed and regarded automobile brands of all time, Hyundai stormed to everyone’s attention when it demonstrated a kind of ’emission’ that didn’t hurt anyone or irk researchers, experts, and consumers.

So if you are wondering what did Hyundai exactly do, then this is what you ought to know.

In executing a marketing masterstroke for its Nexo car brand, Hyundai successfully managed an Olympian to run in a hydrogen car emission bubble. A hydrogen fuel cell-powered SUV that emits as much hydrogen as water, Hyundai were able to register a strikingly impressive video where an Olympian is shown running comfortably inside the hydrogen car emission bubble.

It’s very difficult to convey just how clean a hydrogen fuel cell-powered SUV is, isn’t it? So Hyundai took over this existential question, tweaked it with an innovative marketing stroke that emphasized on the car’s “safe emissions.”

It did so by getting a super-fit Olympian (in this case, Olympic swimmer and brand ambassador Mireia Belmonte) to run on a treadmill inside of a bubble that is sucking in the emissions from Hyundai’s Nexo is a clean and safe idea.

The key takeaway for the viewers and automotive aficionados is that the vehicle emits no more than water and 99.9% filtered oxygen as the famous Korean automobile maker tied up with the revered Spanish National Centre on Hydrogen and a Sports medical centre to ensure that the test was conducted sans any discrepancies and loose-ends.

In many ways, Hyundai also demonstrated the power and effectiveness of the idea that is Ambient Advertising- that offers something more elemental and tangible than the duration of a commercial idea executed either on digital, television or print platforms.

We are at CARS24 do not recommended any of the viewers to try this experiment at home or anywhere else, as the video was shot under the supervision of medical professionals. And most Hyundai Nexo’s in the world are powered by an internal combustion engine and only a very few hydrogen-powered cars exist.