CARS24 Making Delhi Breathable: Old Petrol and Diesel Cars Ban by SC

CARS24’s Initiative To Make Delhi Breathable Again

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CARS24’s Initiative To Make Delhi Breathable Again


Delhi has been declared the most polluted city in the world in terms of air pollution by WHO. Average PM10 levels hover around 292μg/m3 which is nearly 5 times the safe limit.

The SC has enforced an old petrol and diesel car ban to curb air pollution in the capital. Petrol cars older than 15 years and Diesel cars older than 10 years will be impounded straight away if seen on the road.

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Air Pollution has become a major cause of concern for the capital region of Delhi-NCR. Earlier this year, Delhi was declared to be the world’s most polluted city by the World Health Organisation. Delhi is a victim of multiple sources leading to this problem such as industrial smoke, dust, and debris from various construction projects and stubble burning from neighborhood states such as Punjab and Haryana. But one of the primary sources of pollution in the capital comes from vehicular emissions. To tackle this issue, the Supreme Court in accordance with the National Green Tribunal has passed an old Petrol and Diesel cars ban in the capital city.

Delhi consists of nearly 35 lakh cars plying on its roads at a time. Due to poor enforcement of emission standards, a large proportion of these cars are contributing in a very major way to the poor condition of the capital’s air quality. As per an audit performed by the EPCA (Environmental Pollution and Control Authority), several lakhs of vehicles travel on Delhi roads without a mandatory Pollution Under Control certificate. In light of this blatant disregard of regulations and the alarming levels of pollution, the National Green Tribunal has enforced multiple rules and restrictions over the recent years.

Old petrol and Diesel Cars Ban - Delhi Pollution -

It started off in 2014 when all vehicles – Cars, Bikes, Buses, Commercial Vehicles, Buses and Trucks older than 15 years were barred. Later in 2016, diesel cars older 10 years were disallowed to move on the roads. The RTO offices were also directed to de-register all these vehicles from their database for more stringent enforcement. Now finally, the Transport Department has issued a notice that petrol cars older than 15 years and diesel cars older than 10 years found plying on Delhi roads will be straight away impounded.

Older Petrol and Diesel Cars Banned in Delhi by NGT

In this latest petrol and diesel cars ban development, the Central Pollution Control Board has released lists of different petrol and diesel vehicles which are not eligible for road use. The number of these vehicles nearly sums to an alarming 38 lakh cars out of which more than 1.5 lakh cars are still being used continuously. The Delhi transport department has been given strict instructions to seize and straight away impound these vehicles if they are found plying on the road. In case these vehicles are even found parked in any public areas, their fate will also be the same. Municipal Corporations and several teams will be actively looking for these vehicles and have been directed to impose fines on the owners along with impounding their vehicles as well.

Old petrol and Diesel Cars Ban - Vehicle Emissions -

Transport Minister, Kailash Gahlot has stated that with the approaching of the winter season, pollution issues are also bound to increase. In order to curb the levels of pollution effectively, they have commenced this stringent vehicle seizing in the form of the Delhi Scrapping of Vehicles Rule of 2018. Law enforcement has also been told to intensify checking of PUC on motor vehicles to hunt for rule offenders more aggressively. However, several citizens are displeased with this decision, stating that a well-maintained car will still run clean despite its age. While this is a very much valid fact, there is no denying that this seizing drive will be very beneficial for the environmental conditions around the capital. The consistent poor air quality index of the capital calls for stringent measures and this old petrol and diesel cars ban will certainly aid in improving that by a great extent.

Old petrol and Diesel Cars Ban - Traffic Police Checking -

What is CARS24 Doing to Help?

New Delhi is the heart of our country and we at CARS24 are highly concerned about its well-being. We strongly support the decision of the government and are also doing our bit to contribute towards fixing this pollution crisis. Air pollution is a really serious problem that is uncaringly looked over by almost everyone. The Air Quality index in Delhi has consistently been in the 300-700 range which is considered to be equivalent of smoking 10 cigarettes a day.

Hence, if you have a car that is nearing its legal permitted age or has crossed that, we will still purchase your car and sell it off as scrap. Not only will you be assisting in the noble cause of battling air pollution, but you will also be rewarded for doing the same. Adding to that, the value of your used car in Delhi will be greatly affected by these pollution norms in order. The closer your car will get to its prescribed legal age, its resale value will also decrease exponentially. So, don’t let time take its toll, act swiftly and get it sold. If you have a diesel car that is older than 10 years or a petrol car that is older than 15 years, we urge you to do the right thing instead of causing harm to your precious surroundings.

We look forward to your undying support for our initiative to make Delhi breathable again and hope you will work with us to put a permanent end to this menace of pollution. Visit and sell your old right now. You will be able to sell your old car in precisely one visit without any complications. We also take care of all the paperwork and documentation as well so that you stay worry-free and in total peace of mind.