Petrol Price In Mumbai Surges Towards Rs 101 Per Liter!

Petrol Price In Mumbai Surges Towards Rs 101 Per Liter!

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Petrol Price In Mumbai Surges Towards Rs 101 Per Liter!

We have long been told that fossil fuels are bad for the planet. Now, that message is being delivered to all of us in this country via skyrocketing prices of said fossil fuels. After a sabbatical of just two days, the price of petrol and diesel have once again been hiked in India. But, this time around, the rates have gone by Rs 28 paise and Rs 30 paise for petrol and diesel, respectively.

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Considering the hike, the price of petrol in Mumbai is now Rs 100.98 per liter. I mean, you might as well round that off to Rs 101 per liter, thus making calculations easier. As for diesel, that will cost motorists in Mumbai Rs 92.69 per liter. Meanwhile, the price of petrol in Delhi has touched Rs 94.76 per liter, with diesel coming in at Rs 85.66 per liter.

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Post the hike on June 4, the price of petrol in Bengaluru has gone up to Rs 97.92 per liter, while that of diesel is Rs 90.81 per liter. In Chennai, the petrol price is Rs 96.23 per liter, and for diesel, it is Rs 90.38 per liter. If you are in Kolkata, expect to pay Rs 94.76 per liter for petrol and Rs 88.51 per liter for diesel.

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EVs… Are we there yet?

Meanwhile, if you find yourself in Aurangabad, Bhopal, Kolhapur, Nashik, or Pune, be ready to pay over Rs 100 per liter for petrol and Rs 90 per liter for diesel. As always, the most ridiculous rates for these two fossil fuels in the country can be found in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar district. Here, a liter of petrol will set you back a whopping Rs 105.80, with diesel costing Rs 98.63 per liter. Unfortunately, and as mentioned in an earlier article, prices of petrol and diesel will continue to rise for some more time.

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