Star Wars style spaceship by Porsche: the thing you cannot afford to miss

Did Porsche Just Make A Star Wars Style Spaceship?

Dev Tyagi
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Did Porsche Just Make A Star Wars Style Spaceship?

Dev Tyagi

On the surface, it appears that there aren’t many commonalities between a sports car and a mega Hollywood release. Isn’t it? Well, what do you reckon? How could a car ever be common to a movie, except if the budget that went in making both- i.e., a really expensive car and a high-budget blockbuster movie matched the financial scale of making two extravagant but vastly different productions? Truth be told, if one were to identify just what might be common between a sports car brand and a big-budget Hollywood release, then it may not be wrong to suggest that the only common aspect on two utterly different things could be a collaboration.

And where car-in-movie collaborations stand then we have seen aplenty in the course of the past few years. Wondering how? Well, how about Aston Martin and James Bond. That’s a legacy now, isn’t it? Also, how about the fleets of Italian sports cars such as the Lamborghini and the Fast and the Furious movies?

But what if you actually saw three things in the span of one common arrangement; a sports car brand, a massively popular Hollywood film, and something as strange as a spaceship?

How would that make you feel?

Well, that’s exactly what happened recently as the famous German sports car maker Porsche actually ended up making a Star Wars style spaceship, right ahead of the newly released global production: The Rise Of Skywalker.

Yes, you read that right and now it’s about time to dive deep into the details of this incredible gravity-defying feat. What is famously being hailed as the Star Wars spaceship by Porsche is actually an uncanny but highly effective collaboration between the iconic German sports car brand and Lucasfilm, the production company that just made the latest Star Wars release.

In what could only be called both the Star Wars film franchise and the mega German sports car brand operating in stealth mode, the Star Wars spaceship by Porsche is actually a fantasy spaceship that successfully marries the design of two starkly different things.

Being described as the coming together of the Star Wars and Porsche DNA, the curvature of the Star Wars spaceship by Porsche is actually a sharp reminder of the Porsche 911 and Taycan models.

The stunning ‘one of a kind’ production, a rarity in modern car architecture and design, the Tri-Wing S- 91X Pegasus Starfighter spaceship is an instant page-turner, not only in the firmament of automotive brands but also highly popular among fans of the Star Wars movie franchise.

It is confirmed that the futuristic design, whose craft admittedly leans towards the future, will also be featured in a future Star Wars flick.

And as Hollywood Reporter put it aptly, “the design brief was simple: Blend the design of the X-Wing, Y-Wing and U-Wing fighters with that of the new Porsche Taycan. The result was shown alongside the Taycan as a finely detailed, five-foot-long model at the Rise of Skywalker premiere Monday night in Hollywood.”  

Several online journals that delve into the automotive space and that deal with the business of the movies have shared that the end product- the Star Wars spaceship by Porsche- is a fantastic aesthetic melange between the design sensibilities and DNA of both Porsche and Star Wars.