Porsche Taycan Sets A Guinness Record For The World’s Longest Drift Ever By An Electric Vehicle
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Porsche Taycan Sets A Guinness Record For The World’s Longest Drift Ever By An Electric Vehicle

Every petrolhead knows what drifting is and how thrilling it can be. However, not every petrolhead gets to do what Dennis Retera got to do in a Porsche Taycan EV. Dennis is a lead instructor for the Porsche Experience Centre in Germany. In an incredible feat of perseverance and skill, he was able to drift a prototype Porsche Taycan at the Hockenheimring non-stop for a period of 55 minutes! The feat covered a total distance of 42.171 kilometers at an average speed of 46 kmph. Oh, and the whole spectacle took place inside a ring of track no greater than 200 meters across.

Porsche Taycan Drifting Guinness World Record track

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Porsche Taycan Drifting Guinness World Record

Porsche said in a statement, “Thanks to a successful drift marathon at Hockenheimring – masterfully maneuvered by Porsche instructor Dennis Retera – the Taycan has set the record for the longest ever drift marathon achieved in an electric vehicle. That equals 210 laps on the 200 meter-long drift circle over 55 minutes, while maintaining an average speed of 46 km/h over the 42.171 km covered.”

Porsche Taycan Drifting Guinness World Record

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Given how he was constantly driving round and round within a 200-meter circle for 55 minutes, I am surprised Dennis didn’t throw up. However, what is incredible about this whole thing is how well the car managed to keep going under such a high-strain condition for so long. Usually, electric vehicles don’t cope too well, being pushed continuously for a long period of time. Their onboard components and circuits are prone to damage, rendering them useless and even making them dangerous for the occupants. Clearly, the Porsche Taycan used here isn’t one of those flimsy EVs.

Porsche Taycan Drifting Guinness World Record Dennis Retera

As you can see in the photos, the circular track was drenched in water. This was done to essentially reduce the thermal and frictional coefficient between the tires and the track. Of course, this certainly helped the Taycan in its nearly an-hour-long drift. However, that still doesn’t take away the immaculate driving skill of Dennis Retera. It also doesn’t diminish the Porsche Taycan’s apparently innate ability to put Fast & Furious cars to shame when it comes to drifting.

Porsche Taycan Drifting Guinness World Record

Also, do not forget. The Porsche Taycan is an electric vehicle. So, how did Dennis manage to keep the Taycan drifting for so long, you ask? According to the seasoned driver, he barely touched the accelerator. Instead, Dennis relied more on controlling his steering inputs to keep the car on its path.

Porsche Taycan Drifting Guinness World Record timing

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Imagine going round and round 210 times in a car, around a small track whilst also focusing on not losing control the whole time. Yup that is exactly what Dennis had to do without proactively thinking about it. Coming to the machine, Dennis was driving a rear-wheel-drive version of the Porsche Taycan for this Guinness World Record run. While Porsche hasn’t mentioned which variant of the Taycan was used for this world-record attempt, it should be one of two versions. The lower-powered version of the rear-wheel-drive Taycan has about 402hp, while the other variant is armed with 469hp.

Porsche Taycan Drifting Guinness World Record

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However, given how Guinness defines drifting as a feat where a vehicle’s driven wheels and its ground speed are different, Dennis and his Taycan wouldn’t have needed more oomph than 400-odd horsepower. On top of that, keep in mind that the small track where this took place was constantly irrigated with water. Still, this remains a fantastic achievement by Porsche. It does seem like electric vehicles aren’t all that boring after all, eh?

Porsche Taycan Drifting Guinness World Record EV

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