Pravaig Extinction, India's First Long Range EV Launches On December 4.
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Pravaig Extinction, India’s First Long Range EV Launches On December 4.

The Indian automotive space is all set for its first long-range electric car! Bangalore-based Pravaig Dynamics is all set to launch its first EV, the Extinction Mk1, in the national capital on the 4th of December.

Pravaig Extinction Mk1 boasts of a 96 kWh lithium-ion battery pack with an expected range of 500+ kms in a single charge, the first EV of its kind in India. The electric motor puts out 150kW of power (201bhp) with a whopping 1200Nm of torque.

Pravaig Extinction Mk1

The Extinction’s performance is supposed to be best in the country with a top speed of 196kmph, and it takes just 5.9 seconds to reach 100kmph.

Pravaig’s EV was designed in house by a team of 60 sparkling minds, and the car will be contract manufactured by a major OEM. The design and manufacture of critical components are outsourced. The powertrain was developed as part of a collaboration between two major OEMs, and the Li-ion battery is assembled in-house from cells sourced from global EV majors.

Pravaig’s business model is quite unique! The company will not be sell cars to private individuals. Instead, they will only lease the cars — along with a driver — to fleet operators and corporates. The idea behind the business model is to recover the initial buying cost of EVs; the cars need to be run continuously to take advantage of low running costs.

As the cars are chauffeur-driven, the focus is on luxury and optimising passenger comfort, including individual rear seats that can recline up to 55-degrees. The EV is said to offer features of a luxury car similar to that of Mercedes S Class or BMW 7 Series. The dimensions of the car are 4820mm in length, 1934mm wide and a wheelbase of 3038mm.

The initial cost of the Pravaig Extinction EV will be exorbitant with the features and luxury the car is likely to offer. That’s probably the reason the company is only offering fleet service and not opting for outright sale.

Since the time Pravaig’s prototype was spotted testing in Bangalore, the company has sparked interest in the auto industry, some have even nicknamed it “India’s own Tesla“. Just two more days before we all get to see the real deal – Pravaig Extinction Mk1.

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