Renault Kiger Prices Hiked By Up To Rs 33,000

Renault Kiger Prices Hiked By Up To Rs 33,000

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Renault Kiger Prices Hiked By Up To Rs 33,000

Upon its launch in February this year, the Renault Kiger became the most affordable SUV in India. With a starting price of Rs 5.45 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), the Kiger undercut almost all of its competition. Thanks to its attractive introductory pricing, this subcompact SUV went on to win the hearts and wallets of many. However, three months down the line, with the introductory offer over, Renault has hiked the prices of the Kiger. Interestingly enough, this hike doesn’t affect all variants of the Kiger. This means that those variants still retain a great value-for-money deal.

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Renault Kiger delivery in Hyderabad

The variants that are unaffected by the recent price hike include the entry-level RXE, RXT CVT (Monotone), and RXZ CVT (Monotone). These are still priced at Rs 5.45 Lakh, Rs 8.60 Lakh, and Rs 9.55 Lakh, respectively. Meanwhile, the remaining variants of the Renault Kiger face an uptick in their prices, ranging between Rs 3,000 to Rs 33,000. The least affected variants include the RXT CVT (Dual Tone) and RXZ CVT (Dual Tone), both of which are now pricier by Rs 3,000. Post revision, these two cost Rs 8.80 Lakh and Rs 9.75 Lakh. Next is the RXZ MT (manual transmission), which is now costlier by Rs 14,000 and bears a price tag of Rs 7.69 Lakh.

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Renault Kiger rear three quarter

Prices of the Kiger RXL MT and RXZ MT (Dual Tone) have been hiked by Rs 16,000 and Rs 17,000, respectively. Their revised prices are now Rs 6.32 Lakh and Rs 7.89 Lakh. The RXZ AMT variant has had its price increased by Rs 19,000, therefore it now costs Rs 8.19 Lakh. Meanwhile, the RXT MT now costs Rs 6.80 Lakh (pricier by Rs 20,000), the RXL MT (Dual Tone) Rs 6.52 Lakh (pricier by Rs 21,000), and the RXZ AMT (Dual Tone) Rs 8.39 Lakh (pricier by Rs 22,000). As for the RXT MT (Dual Tone) and RXL AMT variants, their revised pricing is Rs 7.00 Lakh and Rs 6.82 Lakh, respectively. This equates to a price hike of Rs 23,000.

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Renault Kiger interior

The Kiger RXT AMT variant has its price hiked by Rs 25,000, so it now costs Rs 7.30 Lakh. As for the RXL AMT (Dual Tone) variant, it is now priced at Rs 7.02 Lakh (costlier by Rs 26,000). Sitting in the corner is the RXZ Turbo MT (Dual Tone), which is now Rs 27,000 more expensive than before, at Rs 8.99 Lakh. Then there’s the RXT AMT (Dual Tone) and RXL Turbo MT, that have had their prices hiked by Rs 28,000. Therefore, their revised pricing now reflects a sticker of Rs 7.50 Lakh and Rs 7.42 Lakh, respectively.

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Renault Kiger front three quarter

Finally, there are the RXT Turbo MT, RXL Turbo MT (Dual Tone), and RXT Turbo MT (Dual Tone) variants of the Kiger. Renault has hiked the prices of these variants by a chunky Rs 30,000, Rs 31,000, and Rs 33,000, respectively. Post revision, these variants cost Rs 7.90 Lakh, Rs 7.62 Lakh, and Rs 8.10 Lakh, respectively. Do note that all of the prices mentioned here are ex-showroom, Delhi. The Renault Kiger is offered with two petrol engines, one makes 71hp and 96Nm of torque, while the Turbo version produces 98hp and 160Nm of torque. Transmission options include a 5-speed manual, a 5-speed AMT, and a CVT.

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