Skoda Volkswagen Design Protection Medical Equipment to Fight Coronavirus
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Skoda Volkswagen Design Protection Medical Equipment to Fight Coronavirus

Most parts of the world including India is on lockdown to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, while scientists and medical experts around the world are working on developing a vaccine, and possibly an antidote to save precious lives affected by the pandemic.

Automotive manufacturers globally have been producing the much needed medical equipment to support the ‘corona-warriors’. Skoda Auto Volkswagen Private Limited (SAVWIPL) has been a part of this noble cause and to top things up, they german carmakers have started manufacturing protective equipment (PPE) for surgeons and healthcare staff.

Under the #WeNotMe campaign, SAVWIPL has designed four types of critical care medical equipment that includes intubation boxes, protective face shields, automated Ambu bags, and filtered masks for frontline healthcare workers. All this was made possible by the help of experienced healthcare professionals.

Continuing the process of helping the greater cause of fighting this virus, SAVWIPL already donated Rs 1 crore to the Sassoon General Hospital based in Pune. SAVWIPL has also distributed 50,000 food packets and will also be delivering 35,000 hand sanitizers in hospitals situated in Mumbai, Pune, and Aurangabad.

The Intubation Box is an inexpensive temporary protection device designed by Dr. Hsien Yung Lai in Taiwan.  It works by sitting over the head and shoulders of a patient as they are intubated by a provider. The box acts as a protective shield between the patient and the medical staff.

The filtered masks being provided by the group is actually a re-engineered version of snorkel masks provided by Decathalon India. These masks are specially designed for the surgeons providing them with an air inlet inside the masks.

The protective face shields are produced at Chakan and Aurangabad which are reusable and comes as an utmost priority for healthcare professionals. 

With many automotive giants joining hands together to fight this pandemic, a COVID-19 free world is hopefully not that far.

StayHome StaySafe, Until Then!

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