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There’s never a dull moment where it concerns Japan, the land ‘of the rising sun!’ Whether its the Asian powerhouse’s economic prowess, the consistency of its political honcho Shinzo Abe (the longest-serving Japanese PM), the worryingly peculiar ecological conditions of the island nation, the enthralling history of its Samurais or the rather captivating culinary culture- there are certain things that are hard to put down or suppress in public perception. Japan stands tall in this regard.

But among the factors that have catapulted Japan to the attention of the world, is one of the most respected and widely-known brands that can ever be: SONY. At a time where brands around the world were aggressively engaging in R&D in a bid to add premium-ness to gadgets, Sony revolutionized the way we saw, perceived, or consumer electronics.

Introducing the iconic and widely-celebrated concept of miniaturizing products- whether music systems, radios, walkmans, digicams, mobile phones, sony arose as a bit of a cult. And after decades of having diversified into versatile businesses, that include financial services, the mega and consummately Japanese brand has come up with an ace, something not many would’ve believed.

In an age where much of the developed world is embracing the electric car revolution, at a time where a Tesla is a go-to name all things EV, Sony have entered the thoroughly interesting space through a ‘one-of-a-kind’ electric car: Vision S.

So what is Sony Vision S and why’s it making noise?

Truth be told, in what can only be described as a rather surprise move, the grandiose brand from Japan has attempted to disrupt and thus, further open up the densely-competitive Electric Vehicle trajectory through Sony Vision S.

In fact, only a few days back in time, Sony unveiled the much-talked-about Sony Vision S at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show.

So what one could infer is that move over electronic gadgets, such as speakers or earphones, it is about time we broadened our outlook toward the Konan, Minato-based conglomerate.

A fully-electric, elegantly designed sedan, the Sony Vision S has definitely brought about a wave of surprise surrounding the brand. It is the latest platform to examine a legendary brand in the global market from the space of a thriving and very relevant (contemporary) segment in today’s age.

Sony Vision S, that exemplifies the brand’s keenness to enter the urban mobility segment functions on imaging and sensing technologies along with artificial intelligence telecommunication and cloud technology.

A popular online journal focusing on the automotive space brought out some salient features of the electric concept car:

SONY Vision S Electric Car 2020

There are a total of 33 sensors in the Sony Vision S concept car which include CMOS image sensors and ToF sensors which can recognize and detect people and objects in and around the car. The idea is also to provide driving support in the form of autonomous driving ability. The car also gets Sony’s 360 Reality Audio system which offers an immersive listening experience through speakers built into each seat. 

The outside view and presence of the electric sedan have already been compared to the likes of Porsche, in particular, the headlights. On the inside, however, the dashboard-spanning screen- a design component marked with certain finesse- has drawn comparisons with the Chinese EV startup Byton.

The presence of twin screens for passenger comfort is another luxurious addition to a swift four-wheeler that’s about as eye-catchy as it is loaded with a gamut of interesting features.

The corporate head honcho, pumped at the unveiling of a truly novel concept shared the following:

“This prototype embodies our contribution to the future of mobility,” Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said!

In addition to the above, Sony has also confirmed that the business’ successful image sensor division is already making investments into technologies that are adjacent to self-driving, in what appears to be a game-changing move.

Do you think SONY should get into the automotive business?

We at CARS24 strongly believe electric cars are the answer to greener mobility and reducing the carbon footprint. Sony is one of the top brands of consumer electronics that has a massive fan following across the globe. You never know how many of them are waiting to drive a SONY!

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