Suzuki Swift Sport Spotted, Should Maruti Bring It to India?

Suzuki Swift Sport Spotted, Should Maruti Bring It to India?

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Suzuki Swift Sport Spotted, Should Maruti Bring It to India?

Maruti has been a pioneer in producing cars specifically tailored to Indian needs. With managing bumpy roads to ease of maintenance, Maruti takes care of everything at hand. But once Suzuki decided to roll their eyes on the international market with Indian lot, Maruti spruced things up. The rallying scene in India is well aware of this fact and have always ogled over the Swift Sport with a treacherous yet gentlemanly manner. 

Swift was a massive hit from the day in it launched, the hatch was a revolution in the Indian market, due to its design, ease of maintenance and the pricing. The Swift, currently in its fourth generation is still sought by buyers due to the ease of maintenance, fuel economy (mileage), and the pricing. What made the Swift a prowess in the International market was in 2007 when Per-Gunnar Anderson with his Swift S1600 bagged the first position in Junior World Rally Championship (JWRC).

1,6 Litre JWRC Swift – S1600 Spec

This proved to be a turning point for Swift. Suzuki started experimenting with the flexibility of this model and came up with Swift Sport. A 138-hp slick teenage boy with a low center of gravity and torque figure in the range of 230Nm. This hot Brit takes just about 8 seconds to reach the knot barrier and with a speed limiter curtailed to 210km/h, it takes a stand on the podium with the German hot hatches. In simple words, the Swift sport is equal to or faster than a production Mini Cooper.

Now, for many enthusiasts in India Swift Sport was a delicacy no Deli would serve because obviously, taxes and duties. Recently spotted at Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi was a white Swift Sport with no cover whatsoever as if Maruti was trying to flex the muscle they were trying to gouge in. The chances may be that a car enthusiast imported this beauty from Europe. All we can do is hope that Maruti comes up with something to tingle the minds of rally drive or at least leave a footprint of performance-oriented cars in India.

We believe Maruti Swift Sport will be a hit in India, first among the rally driver and race car drivers, as they’ve been waiting for this car for years now. The mindset of young generation buyers. who prefer power and peppiness over mileage. Volkswagen managed to sell a limited number of VW Polo GTi for a whopping price of 30 plus lakh, a year ago. If Maruti prices the Swift Sport well, this might be the hottest selling performance hatch in India.