Swift Car Modified Examples - Best Modified Maruti Swift Cars in India

6 BEST MODIFIED Maruti Swift Cars of India

6 BEST MODIFIED Maruti Swift Cars of India

Here is a list of 6 Best Swift Car modified examples from across India that sport some really tasteful modifications

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the largest selling cars in India. Currently, in its third generation, the small car has literally ruled over the B1-segment of the Indian car market. Much of this is owing to its funky look, peppy yet fuel efficient engines, good ride and handling, and the decent after sales support of Maruti Suzuki. Another reason is their high appeal among the youngsters, who often end up modifying their steeds. Today, we will focus on 6 best Swift car modified examples from across the country.

The best modified Maruti Swift cars in India we have in our list here have a long list of modifications that enhance their visual appeal. These cars look much hotter than the regular version, which makes them enjoy a really high street presence. We feel that the Swift offers a very clean canvas for customizers to work their magic on it. Here’s a look at some of the best Maruti Swift modifications out there –

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Swift Car Modified – Example 1

swift car modified

The red Swift car modified example seen here has many visual modifications that make it look very different from your regular version. Indeed, it’s among the best Maruti Swift modifications we’ve seen so far. While it retains the alloy wheels, they have been painted black to give a sporty touch. The third generation of the popular hatchback is already sporty in the stock form, especially in the red colour. But what makes this car just too hot to ignore is the new HID setup for the headlamps and the LED fog lamps. The front bumper has LED stripes to give better illumination. The interior has also been customized and features red art leather upholstery for a premium yet sporty touch.

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Swift Car Modified – Example 2

swift car modified

While the Maruti Swift Sport isn’t launching anytime soon, here is a Swift car modified to look like the performance variant that is on sale abroad. It features a new grille that looks a lot like the one sported by the international-spec performance version of the Japanese supermini. It also rides on bigger alloy wheels that have been shod with low-profile rubber. Furthermore, the car has been lowered by a few millimetres to give it a very sporty stance. All these basic modifications end up making this small car looks really very sporty.

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Swift Car Modified – Example 3

swift car modified

While we don’t recommend you to modify your car into a low-rider due to the poor state of roads of our country, there’s no denying that such cars look very cool. Here is a Swift car modified into a low rider. The ride height of tis car has been reduced by 30 mm, which means the effective ground clearance stands at just 140 mm. The company-fitted alloy wheels have made way for sporty 17-inch units. The new wheels are shod with 215/45 spec tires. The end result? One of the best modified Maruti Swift cars we have seen so far.

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Swift Car Modified – Example 4

swift car modified

While this Maruti Swift car has been modified into something much louder, who are we to complain if it makes the owner happy? This hatchback features white highlights around its radiator grille, lower bumper and even has a skid plate. The Suzuki logo receives red paint. The roof spoiler and the tailgate also boast white accents to complement the once on the front. A major highlight is the ’38’ sticker. In all probability, the owner has put this sticker as 38 could be his lucky number.

Swift Car Modified – Example 5

In this video, you can see yet another Swift car modified into something more delicious using some basic modifications. One of the neatest cars in our list of best modified Maruti Swift cars in India has a military-spec matte wrap. The olive green paint can’t be used on private vehicles in India but using a wrap can exploit a loophole in the law. This particular car has a dual-tone paint effect owing to the roof and the pillars getting a matte black colour while rest of the vehicle having an olive green paint scheme. This customized Swift really looks very unique and more attractive than the regular version.

Swift Car Modified – Example 6

swift car modified

The last model in our list of best modified Maruti Swift cars in India is a black-painted vehicle from Tamil Nadu. The highlight here is the white racing stripes on the black colour, which gives a racy and a contrasting effect that makes the car far more desirable than the stock version. The car also features white-painted bumper diffuser and roof. Lastly, the taillamps have been blacked out to complete the sporty look of the exterior. On the inside, this Swift car has a modified interior with the all-black theme to complement the exterior. Overall, the two-tone effect works well to inject a lot of sportiness into the model. We just love how such minor modifications make the popular hatchback look so much sportier and funkier.

We are quite sure our list of best modified Maruti Swift cars in India explains how some minor modifications can help you increase the visual appeal of the popular hatchback. In all these cases, we have the Swift car modified into something hotter and classier without spending a lot of money on it. Hence, you can safely take ideas from these examples and customize your Maruti Suzuki small car into something that will be the envy of your neighbours.

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