Tata Cars' Infotainment System Will Soon Support Local Dialects In India

Tata Cars’ Infotainment System Will Soon Support Local Dialects In India

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Tata Cars’ Infotainment System Will Soon Support Local Dialects In India

Infotainment systems in cars have come a long way. From the dinky single-din systems that many of us had in our cars growing up to the slightly better-incorporated two-din units in top-end variants of those cars. However, while many of these systems still exist in some cars (especially budget ones), most modern-day vehicles feature an integrated touchscreen infotainment head unit. These interfaces have made the driving experience much easier and more enjoyable. Furthermore, since engineers can cram a lot of useful functionalities into these systems, their absence in cars can be felt quite clearly.

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2021 Tata Altroz iTurbo
The Altroz will be one of the first Tata cars to sport the new AVA Auto interface

Tata Motors is one of the companies in India that offers a decently calibrated touchscreen infotainment system in its cars. A few years ago, the Indian automaker partnered with Harman International for incorporating a better and more modern infotainment solution in the brand’s newer cars. The result of that venture is what we get to see in Tata’s new models – everything from the Tiago to the all-new Safari. One of the most useful and talked about features of Tata’s infotainment package is their virtual voice assistant.

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Tata Nexon interior
The Nexon will also get the updated AVA Auto upgrade

Up until now, most Tata cars have offered customers the freedom to interact with this virtual assistant in both English and Hinglish. Basically, Hinglish is a very Indian thing, and it is a somewhat peculiar combination of the Hindi and English language. Where many contemporary international brands’ infotainment systems lack the capability to pick up this dialect (of sorts), Tata cars, with their in-house virtual assistant, can understand and respond to Hinglish fairly well. However, for those who would like even more options, fear not, as your voices have been heard. Mihup Communications, a start-up based in Kolkata, has now partnered with Harman International in order to answer the prayers of buyers who want more language/dialect options.

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Tata Nexon iRA virtual assistant
The outgoing iRA infotainment system can only understand Hinglish

While the outgoing infotainment system in Tata cars is unable to understand any of the Indian vernacular dialects – all that is set to change, in fact, the joint venture between Mihup and Harman International has spawned ‘AVA Auto.’ This new addition to the infotainment system is said to register and respond to “Tamilish” and “Bengalish.” Just as with Hinglish, these two made-up terms result from combining Tamil with English and Bengali with English. And just like with Hinglish, the new infotainment system in the compatible Tata cars will allow users to interact with the voice assistant even in the absence of an internet connection.

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Tata Harrier Camo Edition front
Other Tata cars are to get the updated AVA Auto infotainment interface soon

Using AVA Auto, users can control functions of their cars’ infotainment system such as the phone, navigation, and media. For the time being, the new AVA Auto feature can only be had in the Tata Altroz and Tata Nexon. However, the automaker will be introducing this feature in some or all of its cars in the future. Mihup, the company behind this multi-lingual assistant support, is confident that more and more users will use voice assistants in cars in the years to come. And with the introduction of the AVA Auto feature, Tata cars will gain more widespread popularity among the masses in the subcontinent.

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