Tesla Could Establish R&D Centre in India

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It looks like the hype for Tesla cars will scale new heights in our country as the highly revered carmaker is close to taking its first step towards setting up base in India. No, the company isn’t close to launching any of its famous cars here, no, at least not yet! However, it has come to light that the premium electric car is in talks with Indian authorities to establish an R&D center in Bangalore. Before you get excited, let us be clear that the discussions are in nascent stages at the moment and it is yet to be ascertained if they would bear any fruit.

It is being reported that the state government of Karnataka is trying to lure Tesla Inc into investing in the South Indian state. The first round of talks took place on September 10 and the American carmaker could establish its research facility on our shores in case everything goes as per the state government’s plan. Subsequent rounds of talks are scheduled to be held in the coming weeks. So far, the response from the carmaker is being said to be quite positive.

Already, Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer at Tesla Inc has been quite vocal about his interests of stepping into our fairly alluring car market. With the government’s push for faster adaptability of electric vehicles, it would be, in fact, a good option to have Tesla cars on sale in the country. Already, Mercedes-Benz, the first luxury carmaker to launch operations in modern-day India, is close to launching the EQC, a GLC-Class-based electric SUV that will cost roughly Rs 1 crore (ex-showroom). In such a scenario, Tesla models entering our market should give wider options to the elite car buyers.

That said, as aforementioned, even though Tesla Inc might actually set up a research facility here but it doesn’t look it would be too keen on launching its lineup here anytime soon. A reason for this is the limited EV-charging infrastructure, something that could start growing rapidly only with acceptability for affordable EVs. Another reason is the low volumes in the niche market. Still, we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping to see the ultra-model electric vehicles plying on our public streets pretty soon. In most developed countries, Tesla models have already established themselves quite well by outselling similarly priced premium products. With our luxury car market showing decent growth, it would actually make sense for the American electric car-maker to launch its products here, albeit, with realistic prices. For now, we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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