Tesla Cybertruck Crosses 2 Lakh Bookings in 4 Days: What's So Special?
Dev Tyagi
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All You Need To Know About The Tesla Cybertruck Which Received 2 Lakh Plus Bookings in 4 Days

Dev Tyagi

Futuristic, path-breaking, and standing on the intersection of cutting-edge design and technology! That is how we have come to meet and greet pretty much everything from the stable of Tesla.

So it wasn’t too big a surprise that among a massive event in Los Angeles, Tesla launched the widely-discussed and massive news-making new offering: the Cybertruck with Elon Musk cutting a dapper figure in front of his new electric beast!

The all-electric, one of a kind brutal and a savage-looking pickup truck from the stable of Tesla has since then, gone onto dominate globe-trotting headlines and dominate discussion in the corridors where automotive technology and pretty much anything and everything that’s “Next-Gen” is debated with fervent passion.

At the outset, the $39,000 apiece Tesla Cybertruck looks straight out of a John Wick-meets-The-Expandables big-budget movie set. But a little more regard to its mighty presence spurred by a burly yet sharply-defined no-nonsense design evokes the flashlights on every camera screen present around it.

Yet, Tesla’s Cybertruck had to endure a bit of a mischievous and light-hearted moment when moments after Musk revealed the ‘armored glass’ on the windows to be unbreakable, the windows cracked, perhaps generating millions of polarising views in a single instance all over the social media stratosphere, the residence where such futuristic creations bearing signature design reside.

It could be said that Musk’s own admission- ” Oh my God, well, maybe that was a little too hard”– tangled the much-awaited Cybertruck into a dizzy of whirlwind reactions, none of which have stopped a chart-topping pre-order booking score!

It’s believed where it stands at the moment, the grizzly all-electric pickup has already registered approximately 2 lakh orders. That’s a tremendous conversion rate for a relatively brand-new market entrant, one that’s been launched only 4 days, hence 96 hours back in time.

Despite the launch-event gaffe, amplified by the breaking of the ‘unshatterable’ windows, the short-term revenue infusion, it is believed, has taken no hit whatsoever. Otherwise, why would Tesla experience nearly 200k plus orders?

At first thoughts, while Wall Street was all gung-ho about Musk’s new offering, it remains to be seen how the futuristic design of the machine would impact or translate into ringing cash registers incessantly.

Critics have immediately hurled their sword asking whether this is how the futuristic design of modern-age trucks might seem?

In the public realm, there are dividing views about what is being called the “blade runner” design of the Tesla Cybertruck and experts point to an undeviating fact: pickup buyers are brand loyal and are viewed as traditional as far as their choice of trucks goes.”

Others have resorted to scathing criticism, going as far as calling the truck that comes in three versions- single motor rear-wheel drive, dual-motor all-wheel drive, and tri-motor all-wheel-drive- ugly!

Yet, at the same time, marketers, it is believed, have hailed Musk’s no advertising and no paid promotions stance for the brand new truck offering. Those who haven’t gravitated toward instant criticism, a faction largely consisting of Tesla watchers and followers online, have warmed up to what seems to present- the retro version of the future.

Of course, the all-encompassing feature of the Tesla Cybertruck is the 30Xcold-rolled stainless steel body, the machine flexing its muscle on the cyber front thanks to a 17-inch touch-screen.

But whether the new-age pickup will successfully pierce what is believed to be a traditionally conservative truck market, currently being undisputedly led by Ford is up for a healthy debate.

First Look Tesla Cyber Truck – Interior and Exterior

The price for the Tesla “Cybertruck” is $39,900 for a single motor rear-wheel-drive version with a range of 250-miles that tows 7,500 pounds, while the dual-motor all-wheel-drive  Cybertruck will cost $49,900. The top-end tri-motor all-wheel-drive Cybertrucks price is fixed at $69,900 plus $7000 for a full self-driving option. And the booking amount for the Cybertruck is just $100

The common feeling, at these early stages, is that Tesla are asking traditionalists a lot to step out of their comfort zone where it comes to electing a pick-up. So will the idea eventually succeed and bear the Tesla hallmark of market-domination, a bit like the Model 3 and Model S, we are yet to know.

What are your thoughts on the Cybertruck?