New Study Confirms Electric Cars Worse For Climate Than Diesel Cars

Latest Study Finds Tesla More Polluting Than A Mercedes Diesel Car

Dev Tyagi
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Latest Study Finds Tesla More Polluting Than A Mercedes Diesel Car

Dev Tyagi

The entire world is standing at the cusp of an electric revolution. As the threat surrounding climate change increases with each passing hour, the impetus on electric cars and their adoption around the world becomes all the more crucial. Wherever one goes and whatever one reads, that more and more EVs are being planned to be made and sold appears as the common headline.

Take the European Union, for instance. By 2021, it plans to half the CO2 emissions generated across all European countries, whilst it continues to dabble in various means to attain the ambitious goal it had laid out in 2009.

So few technologies, in this regard, have been able to provide a sufficient means to counter the climate change challenge as best as Tesla. The Elon Musk-driven brand is more than just any electric car corporate, it’s a revolution of sorts. A recent market study found that buoyed by the rise in the sales of Tesla’s EVs, the entire Californian market sold more electric cars in the first half of this year than ever before.

And one truly hopes that the way Tesla is expanding its tentacles, the day is not far when the average American and European household will drive one soon.

But before any of that scintillating change comes about, here’s what Tesla would worry the most about. Apparently, a study conducted recently suggested something telling. It furnished a fact that no Tesla driver or employee would treat any lightly. A German think-tank, known as IFO, is of the opinion that when the CO2 emissions from the battery production are taken into consideration, then a Tesla is more polluting than an average Mercedes diesel car.

You read that right!

What’s most surprising in this scenario is that no one ever thought that a Tesla is (or could be) more polluting than a Mercedes diesel car. So while the government regulators have already tipped a Tesla Model 3 as a zero-emissions car, the recent study by the German think tank conjures an unnerving picture.

That said, in response to the German think-tank’s study, the Wall Street Journal exclaimed the following:

“It’s better read as a warning that new technologies aren’t a climate-change panacea. Recall the false promises about corn and cellulosic ethanol.”

But, all of that said, it ought to be asked as to what factors did the IFO consider before declaring that a Tesla is more polluting than a Mercedes diesel car? To that end, it’s worthwhile to note that the IFO studied electric car production in Germany, as aspect heavily reliant on coal.

Germany, it ought to be reminded, happens to be the world’s third-largest electric car-maker while countries like China and the United States happen to be the biggest and second-biggest producer of electric cars at the moment.

Implicit to the German research’s finding is the fact that a Tesla Model 3 is the car that is more polluting than a Mercedes diesel car. The findings of this study, therefore, raise the following question:

Are electric cars the giant eco-friendly warriors as one thinks of them to be?

In its press release, the IFO shared the following:

“Considering Germany’s current energy mix and the amount of energy used in battery production, the CO2 emissions of battery-electric vehicles are, in the best case, slightly higher than those of a diesel engine, and are otherwise much higher.”

Maybe Elon Musk’s plan to save the world with electric cars is the biggest scam of our lifetime