Tesla Owner Files Lawsuit In Northern California Over Deceptively Reduced Battery Capacity

Tesla Owner Files Lawsuit In Northern California Over Deceptively Reduced Battery Capacity

It turns out that all’s not right in the Tesla universe. Only recently did the world-renowned maker of electric cars release a crucial software update to its vehicles in May for increasing the longevity of its battery and to up the safety of its cars in the light of two high-profile incidents of fire in China.

And now, a disconsolate Tesla owner has lodged a lawsuit against the firm in Northern California alleging that the batteries of the vehicles are defective.

In addition to the above, what’s rather strange is that this is not an isolated or random complaint. Several Tesla users have shared their grievance regarding their car’s reduced range, a concern that has gripped the famous Elon Musk-run brand in a state of limbo.

According to a recent report published by the revered Reuters, several Tesla owners are in the process of arriving at a class-action lawsuit against the mega electric car-maker owing to a problem in their car’s batteries.

The main point of concern from the owner perspective is that Tesla has reduced the range of the batteries of its older vehicles through a software update. It appears that a lawsuit has been filed against the celebrated car-maker in a Northern California Federal Court which claims fraud and seeks class-action status for several cars under the Model X and S with the owners apparently spread in large numbers.

These Tesla Model X and S owners, that measure in thousands have reportedly shared their disdain regarding their car battery range being reduced considerably around 40 miles, that’s 60 kilometers, approximately.

Apparently, the entire discussion has snowballed into being a widely-debated subject over several Tesla forums where several car-owners have gathered to share the plight regarding the significantly reduced range of their car batteries.

The aggrieved allege that through the software update, Tesla deliberately reduced the range in the cars while some shared that they had bought higher models of the brand particularly because they provide a higher range.

What’s interesting is that there appears to be a range malfunction incident even with the plaintiff who’s involved in the said lawsuit. Mr. Davis Rasmussen, who happens to own a Tesla Model S 85 reported that his car lost its battery capacity to approximately 8 kWh, but he was informed that battery degradation was normal.

That told, the official spokesperson for the firm shared that only a very small number of vehicles- those with older Tesla vehicles, Model S and X- may have experienced a minuscule reduction in range when charging to a maximum state of the car charge after a software update was provided to improve the longevity of the battery life of the vehicles.

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