The Bajaj Qute Launch to take place in India soon - know more here.
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The Bajaj Qute Launch to take place in India soon

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Thanks to the Ministry of Road and Transport for raising the green flag to legalise ‘Quadricycles’ in India, we will soon witness the Bajaj Qute launch and see it whirling on the roads. As the Motor Vehicles Act did not provide permission for quadricycles to function, the two-wheeler manufacturer had to patiently wait for almost six years, after its first display at the 2012 Auto Expo. Bajaj has already initiated the manufacturing of Qute in India for export markets which are countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. If everything goes as per the plan we might just witness Bajaj launching the Qute within the next few months of this year.

Bajaj Qute Launch

Miles from any doubts, the invention of Bajaj Qute is not a new-fangled idea. Do you remember RE60? The small cute four-wheeler was unveiled with the name RE60, just a couple of days prior to Auto Expo 2012. The Qute is credited to have given birth to ‘Quadricycles’ – a fresh vehicle segment in the Indian market. It is quite evident that Bajaj Qute launch will initiate the departure of auto-rickshaws, which have been a primary mode of public transport for ages, across the country.

Bajaj Qute Launch Date (expected)

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto since 2005, mentioned the biggest reason for thwarting the launch of Bajaj Qute is the continuous implementation of ominous strategies by its competitors. “It is well known that the only country where the Qute is not permitted is our country (and it is) only because of competition. They have used all kinds of nefarious techniques to create problems through political circles and through courts. I will say this very candidly that they have stooped to levels that we thought they never will. (But) If it means we have to live without one country (then) we will live without one country.”

Bajaj Qute Specifications

·         Engine cylinder 200cc DTS-I single-


·         Fuel Type Petrol, CNG
·         Max. Power 20 BHP
·         Top Speed 70 KMPH
·         Mileage 35 KMPL


Bajaj Qute Price – Rs 60000 only?

Well, this is only a myth and a rumour that is unnecessarily doing the rounds.

  • Private car buyers will have to halt their desire to purchase Qute after Bajaj Qute launch, as presently, it is only meant to be a commercial vehicle.
  • The four-wheeled small Qute might be a four-seater and have a steering wheel and a roof but that does not qualify it as a car. It is a utilitarian vehicle designed to be a substitute for three-wheelers.
  • Not 60000 but Qute will cost its buyers anything but above Rs. 1.40 lakh. With the addition of options like that of an MP3 player, the price will automatically surge higher.
  • The Qute lacks a car befitting engine because it simply, is not one. The engine is set to be compatible on both Petrol and CNG though.

Keep an eye on this page (link) to know about the exact launch date of Bajaj Qute.


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