A Car That Would Run Forever Is What Toyota is Working On

Is Toyota Working On How To Make A Car Run Forever?

Dev Tyagi
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Is Toyota Working On How To Make A Car Run Forever?

Dev Tyagi

If there was ever a piece of great Toyota news, then you may not have to read any further!

Legend has it that, according to the ancient Japanese culture, the very name Toyota is stroked with good luck and great fortune. And believe it or not, if this latest piece of development pertaining to a mega Toyota news turns out to be successful, then, the “Land of the Rising Sun,” will be stroked by an immensity of great fortune.

Well, the latest piece of Toyota news suggests that the famous Japanese carmaker is working on identifying ways to make a car run forever.

But, first things first- how does this work? Apparently, if one were to put together the best solar panels, some super-efficient batteries, and several decades worth of know-how, then it might just be possible to find the means to make a car run forever.

To put more context to the above, it suffices to note that several organizations are currently working together to test a Toyota Prius that could simply revolutionize the way urban transportation works. So which are these organizations?

In lines with the above, it is worthwhile to know- Toyota Motor Corp, Sharp Corp, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan (also known as NEDO) are currently working on turning an ambitious project into reality.

But above anything else, it is important to note that while the concept of EVs (Electric Vehicles) are the current dominant discourse of our time, there happens to be a leading automotive brand that’s working on the next-generation solar car.

To that extent, it’s important to note the key distinguisher between Toyota’s proposed solar car and the other EVs is that while the standard electric cars can travel a long distance, the futuristic solar-powered car is independent of charging facilities. This important piece of information was shared by a Project Manager at the celebrated Japanese carmaker.

That told, among the leading Indian print journals, The Economic Times, happened to share the following on this sensational bit of Toyota news:

Even if fully electric cars overtake petroleum-powered vehicles in sales, they still need to be plugged in, which means building a network of charging stations across the globe. The sun, on the other hand, shines everywhere for free, and when that energy is paired with enough battery capacity to propel automobiles at night, solar-powered cars could leapfrog all the new-energy technologies being developed, from plug-in hybrids to hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, in one fell swoop.

But perhaps what truly makes the current Toyota project a ‘one of a kind’ effort is the fact that cars like that won’t be very common in the space of the future. As aptly put by an auto analyst at a consultancy Carnorama, “This is not a technology we are going to see widely in the next decades.”

Also, while it’s quite clear that Toyota is placing a huge bet on solar for the times to come, other carmakers in the world- such as Volkswagen- are investing billions of dollars on the development of EVs and cars powered by hydrogen to keep apace. But implicit in the development of the futuristic solar car is a simple, uncomplicated stat:

If this car is driven for around 4 days a week and no more than 50 kilometers a day, then there would be no need to plug it into a power outlet. Additionally, it is also reported that the solar roof that is being currently used by the major corporations that are driving this project is no more than 0.03 mm in thickness and it can be placed on various surfaces, such as the curvy parts of the car, such as the roof or the hood.