The new Batmobile is here and it is making men all over the world drool!

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My fascination with Batman and his gadget is quite natural but what kicks the testosterone in my body to heights is the Batmobile. My childhood included collecting everything that was labeled as Batmobile or even an afterburner behind a toy car turned me on (Yes, even when I was just a 5-year-old kid!).

Days went by and I started shifting my focus towards the opposite sex and with it, the nature of Batmobile also got somewhat bland. With huge tires and out of proportion afterburners, it just stole the sole purpose of being a Batmobile, realistic but a kick in the groins. Though the BatCycle from the Dark Knight kept that promise of being the only Dr. Badass in town.

Most of us are from the era of Michael Keaton, an era where it was all about Batman being suave and sturdy. This era is different, an era where teenage crushes are over a were-wolf you don’t expect someone blasting thrash metal inside their Mustangs all over the block. But no, Matt Reeves is an old school with flannel shirts and lumberjack boots in his wardrobe.

Casting Robert Pattison might have created a ruckus inside the Batman community but when Matt revealed the Batmobile, it just made us feel nostalgic. The front fascia resembles the 70s Dodge Challenger but the signature fat rear fender is just Royale with Cheese and some 7up to gulp that down.

Kicking childhood to my head is the rear end of the car, what we can make out of this picture is that this Batmobile is equipped with either a V8 or V10. The afterburner might be too much for this but that’s what makes this Challenger a Batmobile and obviously the sinister-looking tail-lights. 

We hope HotWheels is already in the process of making a die-cast model of this Challenger based Batmobile because this is what good old days look like! 

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