Tips for safe and comfortable night-time driving - 7 GOOD Practices
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Tips for safe and comfortable night-time driving – 7 GOOD Practices

Team CARS24

Night-time driving is any day more challenging than driving in daylight. This is mainly due to the much lower visibility than the daytime. Due to this, it gets harder to spot any sort of obstacles or change in road conditions. In fact, many road accident statistics from around the world show that a higher number of mishaps take place during the night-time. No, totally avoiding night driving is not the solution to this. In fact, as per various statistics, new drivers who don’t have experience with night-time driving are more prone to crashing when they finally need to drive in the night. So, the best thing to do is to gain some experience of night-time driving. Here are some tips for safe and comfortable night-time driving –

Get some rest before you decide to drive late in the night

One of the most important tips for safe night-time driving is to make sure you don’t feel sleepy. It’s a pretty good idea to get enough rest beforehand in case you plan to drive at a time when you would normally be sleeping. Fatigue and sleepiness is the biggest cause of road accidents during night-time. Therefore, it pays to plan your day accordingly and get enough rest before you finally hit the road. It’s also advisable to take small stops at regular intervals. Scientific studies show that a fifteen-minute break from driving and consuming a cup of tea or coffee helps you avoid feeling sleepy. Even the caffeine-rich cola works.

Good headlights

Make sure your car has a bright pair of headlamps that are in working condition. A good set of headlights helps you notice even the smaller details on the road in front of you. Driving with a dim pair of headlamps can be dangerous as low visibility is another major cause of accidents during night-time. Bright headlamps not only help you have a better view of the road ahead, they also help the oncoming traffic notice you well in advance.

Avoid High beam

Unnecessary usage of the high beam can have pretty bad consequences. Also, it’s illegal to drive with your brights on. The high beam can easily blind the driver of the oncoming vehicle, which means he can even crash into you. Hence, it’s important to use high beam only when it’s really important and avoid using it when there’s oncoming traffic.

Be Alert

It’s important for any driver to remain alert. However, one needs to be even more alert when driving at the night-time. Thanks to the lower visibility, your field of view reduces by a considerable margin. So, one should expect the unexpected. During night time, things seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere. It’s not uncommon to suddenly find a stray animal running across the road just meters away from you. So, it pays to be extra cautious.

Make sure all your rear view mirrors are clean

Rear view mirrors are small but immensely important parts of your car. Keeping them clean not only reduces the glare from the headlights of cars behind you, they also make it easier for you to keep a check on the cars approaching you from behind. One should avoid touching the mirrors using his or her hand as the oil and dirt from the skin can cause smears that can amplify the glare due to headlights of cars travelling behind you.


There are people who have trouble seeing things properly in the dark. In such cases, one should totally avoid driving in the dark. In case it’s really important for such a person to drive, he should make sure he’s driving slow enough for him to notice the surroundings. In many countries, drivers are required to provide evidence of good eyesight when they become 75-years-old. Moreover, those above the age of 60 should get their vision checked every 2 years. Those with poor eyesight should simply avoid night-time driving as much as possible.

Check your car’s health

It’s always a good idea to make sure that your car is well-maintained. However, one needs to be a bit more careful about his car’s health before undertaking a night-time road trip. Even a small issue, such as a malfunctioning indicator can have pretty bad consequences as night-time driving is a lot riskier. Also, most of the road-side service stations don’t operate late night. Hence, it’s important to be sure of your car’s health beforehand.

Cars24 hopes that you’ll follow all the above tips for safe and comfortable night-time driving.

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