Top 10: Best Scooty For Women To Buy In 2020

Top 10: Best Scooty For Women To Buy In 2020

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Top 10: Best Scooty For Women To Buy In 2020

Two-wheelers are inarguably one of the most efficient and easy modes of transport in India. Backed by the increased demand in the two-wheeler sector, this statement is also turning out to be more and more true with skyrocketing sales as well as more women purchasing scooty’s (scooters) for their day to day use.

There are quite a few scooty’s that have been aimed specifically at women riders with makers highlighting features like a light body, easy access, easy maneuvering, and streamlined bodies which are the most sought after. Here are the 10 best scooters for women to buy in 2020.

TVS Scooty Zest

TVS Scooty Zest

This scooty is the perfect combination of trend and efficiency. With the engine capacity of 110cc, it can easily generate up to 8bhp power and 9 Nm torque, despite its petite-ness. At 98 kg, it is the lightest scooty in India and is small and super light for maximum comfort.

Yamaha Fascino

The Yamaha Fascino is one of the strongest contenders in this list. Its design is what sets it apart and lends it heaps of style. Even the advertisement for the product hits the brief: multiple scooters across different parts of the town with such vibrancy of color; it is bound to make heads turn. It is powered by an air-cooled 113cc engine delivering 7bhp power.

Honda Activa 5G

Honda Activa 5G

The one that needs no introduction! Apart from being one of the best selling scooters in India, it is as widely beloved by both men and women for its superb functionality and sleek design. It is the one you can probably spot hundreds of on the Indian roads and for good reason. The 109.19 cc engine produces 9Nm of torque and around 8bhp power. With its nimble design, it is impressive how it works well up to speeds of around 83kmph.

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TVS Jupiter

Colorful, comfortable, and extremely common, the TVS Jupiter is another fan favourite! It is only second to the Activa in regards to sales and is one of the most bankable scooters out there. With a powerful engine of 109.7cc and extreme comfort, it is a perfect choice for most.

Hero Pleasure+

As the name suggests, the Pleasure+ is an upgrade, or a plus, from the previous Pleasure series. It is one of the best two-wheelers for ladies and comes with brilliant features, including and USB port for charging and an engine capacity of 110cc!

TVS Wego

TVS Wego

The TVS Wego is a smart choice for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, safety. With its modern Sync-Brake System to prevent accidents, it works wonders for all the commuters out there. Along with that, it also boasts of a 110cc engine, advanced body balance technology, and optimum storage.

Honda Dio

Honda Dio 2020

Tailored specifically for the youth, the Honda Dio is a revelation! One of the fastest-selling models in India, the Dio is functionality at its best. Lightweight with a powerful engine (102 kgs and 109cc) it is a unique but powerful choice!

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

2020 TVS Scooty Pep Plus

The Pep Plus is a peppy little number (lol sorry) with a wide array of features unique to the TVS offering. It is the smallest displacement scooter for India and is the perfect combination of fashion and function! Comfortable, chic, convenient, and lightweight with an 88cc engine, it is no wonder many women are attracted to this beauty.



Channel your inner Italian with the worldwide favourite Vespa scooters! The sheer beauty and design of the scooter is what makes it a premium product. A contender for the top of this ranking, the Vespa UC is powered by a 125cc engine that can produce up to 9.5 bhp power. Talk about visually perfect AND powerful! What a steal.

Suzuki Access

Suzuki Access 2020

Those who need an access to a daily commute must check out the Suzuki Access (sorry the puns are just out of control today). A little ‘powerball’ when zig-zagging out of traffic, the 124cc engine number is super comfortable and offers easy controllability for those who often find themselves in super crowded and traffic-filled roads.

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