Top 5 Blockbuster Car Movies to Watch During Coronavirus Lockdown!

Top 5 Blockbuster Car Movies to Watch During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Dev Tyagi
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Top 5 Blockbuster Car Movies to Watch During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Dev Tyagi

We all live for the thrills of life. We live for the splendor and for massive fun. In that sense, everyone hopes for there to be a juggernaut of fun. And for it to continue unabashedly. Except, nowadays, there’s anything but that. The world is outside. But we are locked on the ‘inside.’ Anyone who would’ve ever wondered about solitary confinement and that kind of stuff now knows just how it feels to prevail in a state of lockdown.

These are testing times! The Coronavirus pandemic has hit us hard and one of the best ways to curb the spread of COVID-19 virus is to STAY HOME!  If you are an auto enthusiast or a car buff, we have listed out the top 5 blockbuster car movies that you can binge-watch at home during the 21-day lockdown.



Forget Hamilton and Vettel or Hamilton or Rosberg. Let go of Raikkonen and Alonso. Move over Verstappen and Leclerc. Even ignore Senna and Prost. Long before these smashing stars even arrived to conquer headlines in the precarious world of F1 racing, legends like Niki Lauda and James Hunt had already emerged as icons in the highest annals of competitive single-seater racing.

Rush, a masterstroke by Ron Howard, is an education not just about F1 racing and the maddening rigors it asks of its drivers who put everything on the stake in their search for glory.

Rather, it was more; a humbling, cataclysmic, and moving tribute to a real-life rivalry that once enflamed in the battle to achieve glory in the 1976 F1 season (precisely, the German Grand Prix) found chivalry and newfound respect between two drivers who were once just determined to outrace one another.

Chris Hemsworth’s James Hunt was a hedonist driving palpably on the edge, while ‘living on one’ in real life too, a character that is loved as much today as it was hero-worshiped during the rip-roaring Seventies. Meanwhile, Daniel Bruhl’s Niki Lauda captured the instinct of domination and the computer-like perfection of a character without which the tumultuous world of Formula 1 cannot ever be imagined.

Then, imagine two resounding talents at their peak driving devastatingly quick as they once did back then? Rush opened to packed theatres around the world and still moves one in sheer admiration for its acting powerhouses and nearly faultless sense of direction.

Throw in Hanz Zimmer’s iconic soundtrack and you have one true masterpiece in the sense of blockbuster car movies to watch during Coronavirus lockdown.

Ford vs Ferrari

Ford vs Ferrari

In the tectonic world of motor-racing, Ferrari has been and continues to be a name that commands as much respect as it drives awe.

It’s the fulcrum around which the interest of the motor-sport lover revolves. It piques interest and converts speed fans into lovers of racing. But there were a few who stood up to challenge the might of the glorious and perhaps perceptibly unshakeable masters of the craft.

Consider the often undersung American automotive designer Carroll Shelby, who at the peak of motor-racing’s great golden age of the Sixties, ended up designing a car that rivaled Ferrari and put the famous Italian marquee on the brink.

But it wouldn’t have been possible minus aligning with Ken Miles, one of the famous international racers (born in the UK’s The Royal Town of Sutton Cottenfield), the saga that one of the best blockbuster car movies to watch during the Coronavirus lockdown.

In Ford vs Ferrari, a massive inscrutable racing empire in Ferrari finds the real match and that too, during one of the greatest racing fests of all time: the checkered Le Mans (1966).

Starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale in leading roles, this is a thrilling joyride that’s full of ups and downs but doesn’t give any speed bumps whatsoever! Binge on.

Gone in 60 Seconds

Gone in 60 secs

Nicholas Cage caught up in a whole lot of rush, starring opposite the drop-dead gorgeous Angelina Jolie (who at that point in time, was at the peak of her youth and hence, hotness, amid a backdrop of car theft and sinister overtones involving organized crime, Gone in 60 Seconds would put to the edge of your seat.

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What could be better than watching the Shelby Mustang GT500 being driven out with a sense of restless abandonment for the world? The central plot to the story’s big heist, the legendary American drive was, is a purist’s number 1 car to own and ride.

Watch one among the blockbuster car movies to watch during Coronavirus lockdown to know why.

Days of Thunder

Days of Thunder

Lest it is forgotten, Tom was in the Cruise-mode in this one.

Nothing could ever “Trickle” Cole’s passion and imagination as much as driving on the edge? Right.?

Tom Cruise in his flowing locks, risks his life by engaging in the very thing that puts his life on the edge and his heart racing: well, racing, itself, isn’t it?

Days of Thunder was an epic tell-all of one man’s quest to rediscover the true racer and ingenious fighter in him. This is when he’s standing on a sticky wicket, being up against an adversary that doesn’t only want to beat him left, right, and center, but wants to call time on the very man who feels (he is) born to drive and race to win.

But does that happen in one of the most mildly received but incessantly undermined Days of Thunder?

That’s for you to find out. The only trouble is, girls take note, Cruise, driving on “cruise mode” is simply sublime and full of raw sexual electricity.

Using his penchant to put that ferocious energy to do something quirkily manic, as only he could’ve, Tom Cruise lent the thunder to Days of Thunder- one of the most under-appreciated gems that Hollywood offered about the dazzle and thrill of competitive racing.

Baby driver

Baby Driver

When your opponents are arms dealers, can life be any easy? What’s more? When you come to realize that actually those vying to be your nemesis are something more; ever-dangerous undercover officers out there to stop a heist from occurring, can your world be in one place?

Baby driver, one of the best blockbuster car movies to watch during Coronavirus lockdown (to view nowadays) presents a stylishly slick and adrenaline-pumping cat and mouse involving a music-obsessed getaway driver who ends up with his back against the law unknowingly so.

A good-looking star-cast and a thriller cast led by Ansel Elgort, the redoubtable Jamie Foxx, and Kevin Spacey, don’t be surprised if you do end up watching this Edgar Wright special as many as 60 different times and, who knows, even more.

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