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Hey, guys! CARS24 is back with another brag your ride post and this time it’s about one of the best-selling SUVs ever in India The Mahindra XUV 500 . This 7-seater MPV-cum-SUV has been a best seller for Mahindra and often referred to as the poor man’s Toyota Fortuner. It is spacious, powerful and comes loaded with a host of features never before seen on a vehicle in this category, enough reason for your to sell the XUV at a good price.

In case you own one, here’s what you should know to brag about it to your close ones and also help you pitch the correct price when you plan to sell your car.

1. Mahindra XUV’s Advanced Static Bending Headlamps

The Mahindra XUV comes with projector headlamps with a unique feature that helps light up blind corners. These static bending headlamps have a special bulb on the side (of each headlamp) that lights up each time you steer the car towards a turn. For the cornering bulb to switch on, the car must not be stationary.

This is very useful at night when you turn into a dark lane and cannot see what’s around the corner. Likewise, for night driving on hills, this function helps illuminate the corner or curve completely.

2. Feature Loaded

The Mahindra XUV is the most feature loaded car in the segment. From as many as six airbags to unique features including leather seats and ambient lighting, the XUV ends up pampering all the occupants as well. This includes cup holders, mobile charging point and air-vents for every row of seats. This is one car that will keep all passengers happy on the move.

This is a strong point that could help push up the price to a prospective buyer looking for a big 7-seater for his family needs.

3. The Clever Conversation Mirror In Mahindra XUV

While driving with friends or family, you often end up being a party to various conversations inside a car. During such talks, an eye to eye contact is missing. Likewise, if you are travelling with kids, you always want to keep an eye on what they are up to in the 2nd row of the XUV. Thankfully, Mahindra has provided something called as a ‘conversation mirror’ in the XUV. Located behind the front cabin lights, this is a very useful piece of glass. It gives you a wide angle view of what is happening behind the driver’s seat and even while driving, you can easily glance at it, making sure of what passengers or kids in the 2nd row are up to.

It will always help you keep a track of what mischief your kids are up to behind your seat in the car.

4. Advanced Mahindra Blue Sense App

The Mahindra XUV, like most other premium offerings, comes with Bluetooth connectivity. However, Mahindra has taken this technology a step further with its Bluesense app. By downloading this app onto your mobile phone, you can literally talk to your car and see various functions. The app on your phone can showcase the tyre pressure, tyre temperature, air-con settings, fuel economy, distance to empty and other parameters like warnings for door open or parking lamp ON etc.

The XUV is the only vehicle in the same price segment or even a segment above which has this function. Show this off to prospective buyers to further increase the value!

5. Helpful Manually Operated Fuel Filler Lid

The Mahindra XUV comes with an electronically operated fuel filler lid. The button for the same is located on the right-hand side of the steering wheel. Press the switch (when the car is stationary) and the fuel lid pops open.
However, in the rare case of an electronic malfunction, in case this button fails to work, owners can still open the fuel filler lid manually. For this, owners need to access the 3rd row of the XUV. Here, on the left side panel behind the 2nd row and below the air con vent is the location of the manually override lid cover. Pull this cover it, twist the knob anti-clockwise and the lid will pop open.

It can definitely be your saviour in those emergency situations when your fuel lid decides not to open electronically.

Do you own a different car? Don’t worry! Keep following our blog and we will make sure we come that we come out with a post on the cool features that your car has too. If you found this article helpful, go ahead and share it with your friends using the buttons below. Drive safe!

Know more via this official XUV video from Mahindra



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