Top 5 Things to be Careful When You Are About To Sell Your Car
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Top 5 Things to be Careful When You Are About To Sell Your Car

Team CARS24

It’s not a cakewalk to sell your car, especially when you are looking to obtain the best value for your old vehicle. Many of you wouldn’t even be aware of the correct processing of selling your car. Things can quickly get quite complicated when you are in the process of selling your car to a private party. The difficulties that you might encounter once you have decided to sell your car could range from finding the right buyer to ensuring that all the paperwork is in place. Here are the top 5 things to be careful about when you are about to sell your car.

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Get Your Car Serviced and Obtain a History Report

Fix any sort of mechanical issues with your car. Any prospective car buyer would want to drive your car a fair bit before making up his mind to put his hard-earned money on your vehicle. He is bound to take note of any sort of abnormality he experiences when driving your vehicle. Hence, fix all the problems well in advance. Even though your car might have next to no issues, a customer is bound to overestimate the cost of fixing the problem. Even if you choose not to get your vehicle fixed, at least obtain an estimate from the authorized service centre to educate the buyer about the magnitude of the problem.

It’s a good practice to get your car serviced to ensure that all the lubricants are topped up and the tires inflated to the recommended limits. Also, while visiting the service centre, try to obtain a vehicle history report. A report on timely maintenance and proper upkeep of the vehicle can help you fetch a good price for your vehicle.

Car Scratches and Dents

It’s said that the first impression is the last one. A look at your car is enough to make an immediate impact on the mind of a prospective buyer. Hence, do make sure that you get even a minor car scratch removed before putting your car on sale. While improving the condition of your car’s bodywork might cost you a bit, you can easily recover the cost by obtaining a higher value when you sell your car. In fact, removing the scratches might not even cost a penny, as they can often be eradicated using toothpaste. Surprised? Well, here’s how you can use toothpaste to remove car scratches.

Top 5 Things to be Careful When You Are About To Sell Your Car | Cars24

True, it’s common to suffer from minor dings and scratches when using a vehicle for years, but remember, a prospective used car buyer hopes to purchase the freshest-looking vehicle possible. Hence, investing in making your old car look like a new one can help you obtain a great price.

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Car Interiors and Toolkit

Before you meet prospective buyers to sell your car, ensure that the interior is clean and devoid of any kind of junk. The plastic panels of a car’s cabin tend to lose their shine over years. Therefore, you can either use professional car detailing services or at least polish the car interiors yourself using a good quality wax. Also, clean the seat upholstery using a vacuum cleaner to make the fabric look fresh. A pleasant interior ambience can easily tilt the price negotiations in your favour.

It’s common practice for any prospective buyer to check your car thoroughly before deciding to purchase your vehicle. One of the many things that used car buyers tend to check is the spare wheel condition and the availability of toolkit. A damaged or a worn-out spare tyre can easily help a prospective customer bargain harder. Moreover, the absence of a toolkit will be considered as a big pain point by the buyer. He will negotiate more aggressively by claiming that buying a new toolkit would require a huge investment on his behalf. However, you can easily obtain an affordable OEM-spec toolkit from the aftermarket and it’s a good idea to have one in your vehicle before you put it up on sale.

Buyer Check and RC Transfer

We highly suggest you make sure the person you are dealing with is a Samaritan like yourself. Knowing who you are selling your car to is quite important. Make sure you meet the actual buyer in person and not someone who claims to be his or her representative. While it’s still alright to skip on personally checking the buyer’s identification documents in case he is buying your car through finance, make sure you have checked all his credentials if he insists on making a direct payment.

Once the deal has been made, it is imperative to transfer vehicle ownership at the earliest. RC transfer is of great importance, but, sadly, many car sellers ignore this aspect once they have received the payment for their used vehicle. As per the government norms, the seller continues to be treated as the owner of the vehicle until the RC transfer takes place. Hence, you can fall into legal hassles in case the buyer is caught using your old car for illegal or criminal activity. It’s a good idea to save duplicate copies of all the sale documents with the buyer’s signature on them. Also, take a written undertaking from the buyer that he or she will be liable to initiate the RC transfer process within 14 days of the sale of the vehicle, and that the new owner will be responsible for all matters related with the vehicle.

Car Documents

Make sure all the vehicle documents are in place before you decided to sell your car. You need to have original copies of the vehicle registration certificate, pollution control certificate (PUC), valid insurance, form 29 and form 30, a NOC from the RTO in case of interstate registration transfer, and an address proof. Also, do not forget to inform the buyer about the warranties that come along with your vehicle.

On the sale contract, ensure that there is clear mention of your car model, colour, year of manufctue, registratio number, registration date, engine number, chassis number, mileage at delivery, and details of the payment, including the downpayment received, total payment due, and the modes of payment.

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