Auto Expo 2020: Top 6 Electric Cars You Shouldn't Miss!
Dev Tyagi
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Auto Expo 2020: Top 6 Electric Cars You Shouldn’t Miss!

Dev Tyagi

For the past several years, the Auto Expo, a global event held in India, has continued to make headlines. It may not be incorrect to suggest it is the equivalent of the Geneva or Berlin Motor Show. As the premier ‘go-to’ exposition in the realm of automobiles, there’s never a dearth of thrill regarding new car launches and exciting game-changing automobile technologies at the Auto Expo.

As much of the world readies to adopt the next big inevitable force in the form of the exciting EV revolution, it’s needless to say that among the biggest eye-catchers at the Auto Expo 2020 would be electric cars. So which are the exciting Electric Cars at Auto Expo 2020?

Let’s visit 6 exciting EVs going to be present at Auto Expo 2020:

Mahindra XUV 300 Electric

At the periphery, the Mahindra XUV 300 is Tata Nexon EVs only competition, expected to make its debut at Auto Expo 2020. While there’s hardly a doubt about the brand’s reliability and popularity in the Indian market, a facet strengthened by Mahindra’s stellar success in the SUV domain, it’ll be exciting to note the EV offering from the stable of one of India’s most revered brands.

An all-electric vehicle that draws power from a 40 kWh battery, the Mahindra XUV 300, among the famous EVs at Auto Expo 2020 is capable of launching into a 300-kilometer range. The purely-electric sub-4m SUV will be offered in 2 variants at an expected price range over INR 10 lakh.



When the famous Hector arrived last year, India went on a buying spiral for a car that was good as a talking computer, the machine coming in the very elegant mold of a top performance SUV. What can the fully-electric ZS EV offer?

While the car has already been unveiled in the Indian market, a lot is known about the huge EV- such as the 44.5 kWh battery pack that delivers a range of 340 k/m- except one thing!

We don’t know the price yet. It should ideally cost about 25 lakhs

Mercedes Benz EQS

Mercedes Benz EQS

Imagine the S-class of the future in a purely electric form. In the purest form, that’s the Mercedes Benz EQS, among the finest EVs at Auto Expo 2020.

An elegant machine that packs the punch through the sophisticated design one can only expect from a Mercedes and the performance promised by a fully-electric car, this is the German brand’s landmark stride toward the EV revolution.

Two electric motors power the EQS through a 488 PS (horsepower) and 760Nm (torque).

To those often plagued by the question of range anxiety, the overall 700-km range, promised by the machine is expected to raise heartbeats and inspire awe.

Kia Soul EV


The Kia Soul is surely among the most unmissable EVs at Auto Expo 2020, a promising car that’s expected to make headways straightaway in the Indian market (whenever the launch arrives), especially based on the performance of a strong compatriot offering in the recent months: the Seltos, that was welcomed with glee.

Offering a fantastic range of around 450 KM, powered by a 64kWh li-on polymer battery pack, this is expected to produce a noteworthy output of 204PS (horsepower) and 395 Nm (Torque).

What’s rather interesting is that despite near confirmation of the brand’s unveiling at the Auto Expo 2020, it’s not nearly confirmed whether the signature EV offering from the Korean stable will arrive immediately in the Indian market.

Ora R1

ORA R1 by Great Wall Motors

A mini-spartan of a car, the Ora R1 may seem a bit of a motorsport racing name of sorts. But the moment you realize this is the brand new EV offering from the Chinese stable of Great Wall Motors, you immediately realize the stellar credibility of a carmaker that’s already given us products like Haval H6 and Haval H9.

The 35 kWh battery pack is capable to produce a range of over 300 kilometers. Call that small car but big performance?

But that said, here’s what’s most interesting. The iconic SUV giant from China has in the form of the Ora R1, apparently the most affordable EV in the world. How’s that for some competition for the existential market forces?

Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan Electric

Few car names need an introduction. So most certainly when you hear someone utter the phrase- Porsche- despite it being said in a cluttered room, the noise begins to settle down giving way to a giant to take centerfold.

In Taycan, among the most exciting EVs at Auto Expo 2020, Porsche is offering not one or two but three versions- 4S, Turbo, Turbo S.

Not only is the driving pleasure heightened by the sporty elan that only a Porsche can offer. But the fact that performance is paid as much attention as panache, exemplified by 750 PS (Horsepower) and 1049 Nm(Torque) makes the car a one-of-a-kind experience.

But it’s also believed that as much as one’s impatiently awaiting the arrival of the big daddy of EVs from the house of the famous German carmaker, the brand’s 8-figure pricing will leave you with a lot less to contend with.

Which electric car according to you will be a game-changer in the Indian Auto Market?