5 Best Used Sedans to Buy Before New Year

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The year 2020 has seen it all! The novel coronavirus has left the world upside down while most countries including ours are fighting the virus, the new set of rules in the new normal that include social distancing, usage of face masks, regular sanitization is being followed to prevent the spread.

Transportation and travel have been a major concern especially for those who have planned to travel for the New Years Eve. Despite the safety measures taken by various public transport sectors, one cannot be 100 per cent sure of being safe while using these facilities in these unprecedented times.

A personal vehicle is by far the best choice to travel safely in the coronavirus affected world, while most India households have a bike or a scooter, the two-wheelers actually do not provide adequate safety, as one is often exposed to other riders and chances are that they might come in close contact with them in parking lots or traffic signals.

A family car is the need of the hour to travel safely to celebrate the new year eve with your loved ones, while the new ones can burn a hole in your pocket, pre-owned or used cars, some with warranty are available for less than half the price of a brand new one.

Let us check the list of the top five used sedans to buy-in 2020.

Swift Dzire

Truth be told, Maruti Suzuki’s astonishing success in the last decade has been pretty much unprecedented. Among the key contributors to this widespread popularity has undoubtedly, been the Swift Dzire. The Dzire, available in both petrol and diesel engine options and in both automatic and manual transmission, promises a mileage of around 21.21 to 28.4 kmpl (kilometre per liter).

The Dzire offers easy driveability and it is easy on maintenance too. Overall the sedans offers good features, headroom and legroom along with excellent boot space. The best seller hatchback in India!

Honda City

Easily among the most sold used sedans in 2019, the Honda City, a dependable and ravishing hit that’s undergone several iterations and changes in the past few years is a car that pretty much presents an unchallenged legacy, owing to its penchant for reinvention. Both among its 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol engine as well as the 1.5-litre i-DTEC Diesel engine were unique attractions in the used car market in the year.

Hyundai Verna

Korean cars have taken to the Indian market, where the past several years serve an example, akin to a fish taking to the waters. Their success, it could be said, stems from a culture of dependability and affordability of their cars. The Verna, among the biggest hot-sellers from Hyundai’s stable, was among the most sold used sedans in 2019. Offering a mileage of 16.66 to 24.75 kmpl (kilometers per liter), the Verna, a five-seater sedan available in both petrol and diesel variants, in both automatic and manual transmission attracted a lot of attention thanks to a better car handling and improved ride experience as seen in the new avatar.

Volkswagen Vento

One of the most compact sedans and among the popular drives from the noted German maker, the Vento, made available in the new GT-line, was among the highlights for the brand’s popularity, apart from the new vehicle 4-year warranty. The Vento, sleeker and more eye-catchy than before, featured on the most sold used sedans in 2019 list owing to its overall improved car handling experience.

Honda Amaze

Among the most sold used sedans in 2019, was the Amaze, a stylish melange of design and comfort from a powerful and respected carmaker, perhaps an evergreen name in the automotive firmament of the world.

The Amaze, it is interesting to note, is available in both 5-speed manual, Automatic CVT (continuous variable transmission )and apart from being available in both 1.2-liter 4-cylinder petrol and 1.5-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine.

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