Top Used Cars To Buy: The Most Sold Used Luxury Car Brands In 2019
Dev Tyagi
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Top Used Cars To Buy: The Most Sold Used Luxury Car Brands In 2019

Dev Tyagi

A key component of the car market, it ought to be highlighted, is the luxury or the premium luxury car segment. While much of the dynamic and versatile car segment in any developing and growing market, it ought to be said, draws its power from the hatchback and sedan sales, the luxury car numbers tell us a thing about the depth of the automobile segment in the country and the power it holds over audiences to lead to sales and thus, the much-desired increase in businesses.

For a country that allows competition to flourish, is keen to experiment, India, it is interesting to note, has never been more keen to engage in luxury on four wheels, exhibiting a keenness to taste comfort and elegance, as what one gathers today.

As yet another memorable year for automobile sales draws to a close, it is worthwhile to reflect on several notable brands that made it to the most used luxury car brands in 2019 list, an idea of which one gets from the data furnished by Cars24, one of the largest used car sellers in the country which uses a unique business model of live auctioning of thousands of used cars across the country on an everyday basis.

So let’s deep dive into understanding the most sold used luxury car brands in 2019:

BMW- 3 Series, 5 Series, X3 and X5

Can there ever be a luxury brand list minus the famous German carmaker? Whether one speaks about the famous 3 Series or the 5-Series, BMW’s penchant at offering luxury and quality in design in compact luxury sedans stands unrivalled, as seen in the past several years.

The mid-sized luxury cars, available in 2-litre 4-cylinder petrol and 2-litre 4-cylinder diesel variants, with a fuel capacity of 40 to 60 litres, are available in the seventh generation avatar, a context the brand states- is replate with clear shapes and poetic surfaces.

The X3 and X5 stood out as the two powerful and spacious SUVs from the house of a hallmark luxury carmaker.

Mercedes- C Class, E Class, S Class

No list focusing on luxury carmakers anywhere in the world could ever be rendered complete without the Silver Arrows. Whether it were the C class- available in sporty design all the way to the tail lamps, intelligent light-systems optional LED headlamps- or the E class- powered by Intelligent drive; features for enhanced safety and comfort and the groundbreaking new B6S engine- were big hits among the most sold used luxury car brands in 2019.

Landrover- Freelander and Discovery

Both the Freelander and the Discovery, powerful yet magnificent, muscular yet elegant offerings from a vastly-noted maker were major draws in the most sold used luxury car brands in 2019 segment.

Offering an exhilarating driving experience on both smooth roads and rocky off-roading terrains, the Discovery- versatile cabin, seven-seater layout, Meridian sound systems- and the Freelander- offering pulsating adventure owing to the ability to tackle all-terrains- were clear standouts in the powerful yet elegant department, a category not many have mastered with impressive numbers.

Volvo XC 90

What can be better than experiencing a personalized slice of the very best that Scandinavian design can offer, including- heightened sitting and driving comfort!

Among the most sold used luxury car brands in 2019, the XC 90, a respected melange of luxurious design and outstanding comfort, is not only brimming with technology- 360 degree surround view camera, 19-separate high-end speakers, Apple CarPlay, Rear Parking Sensors, Park Assist Pilot- but also places passenger comfort among its strongest priorities, thereby making the driving experience a truly one a kind joy-ride!