Top Used Cars To Buy: The Most Sold Used Hatchbacks In 2020

Top Used Cars To Buy: The Most Sold Used Hatchbacks In 2020

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Top Used Cars To Buy: The Most Sold Used Hatchbacks In 2020

2020 is fast drawing to a close. But it would make for an incomplete story to not talk about the year in terms of how it was for car ownership in India. 2020 was, without a doubt, a very tough year for most businesses in general due to the novel coronavirus. The Covid-19 situation has changed things around us for good. At a time where car ownership as a principle is undergoing massive change due to safety and hygiene, most people prefer to have a car of their own instead of using public transport. This has led to thousands of first-time buyers choosing entry-level cars, especially hatchbacks due to their easy driveability and low maintenance costs.

That said, not everything was only about the new car ownership. India, it ought to be reminded, is a massively competitive sphere for used car sales. And Cars 24, one of the largest used car buyers in the country, which uses a unique business model of live auctioning of thousands of used cars across the country every day furnished some interesting facts about used car sales this year. But first up, according to the data, the following were the top sellers in the used hatchback category in 2020. So let’s look at the most sold used hatchbacks in 2020:

Top Maruti Swift

One of the most sold used hatchbacks in 2019 was the famous Maruti Suzuki offering: the Swift!

Among the biggest updates from the stable of Maruti Suzuki this year was the introduction of the BS6-compliant petrol engine in the Swift. The five-seater that offers a mileage of 28.4 kmpl (kilometers per liter) at a 8.1.8 bhp was among the most sold hatchbacks in 2019 in the used car category.

Maruti Alto

Among the most widely driven and popular hatchbacks, the famous Alto from the trusted Maruti Suzuki stable emerged as one of the most sold used hatchbacks in 2019.

The Alto, that’s long been on the Indian roads and for as long as one can remember- rewind the clocks to around a decade a half in the past- came with a new CNG variant in 2019, which was available at 47.3 bhp, with a 796 cc engine.

Santro Xing

The famous Hyundai offering in the hatchback category arose as among the most sold used hatchbacks in 2019, the famous four-wheeler coming in 1 petrol, 1 CNG and 1 LPG. The versatile hatchback, a 5-seater, was a key draw in the used car market.

Hyundai i10

Another candidate among the most sold used hatchbacks in 2019, the i10, one of the most popular cars, something that’s nearly ubiquitous on the Indian roads attracted a lot of attention for various stellar features, including: a wide and spacious cabin, rear AV vents, the digital speedometer, and the automatic transmission available in both petrol and diesel versions.

Maruti Wagon-R

Another strong, widely known offering from the famous Maruti Suzuki stable, the Wagon-R- the newer version offering bigger boot space than before, along with a cluster of interesting offerings such as the tall boy design, dual airbags, dual split headlamps- was a top feature among the most sold used hatchbacks in 2019.