Toyota Unveils The Aygo X Prologue Concept Compact Crossover SUV
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Toyota Unveils The Aygo X Prologue Concept Compact Crossover SUV

Small crossover SUVs are all the rage in the world these days. And Toyota’s ED² European Design studio has come up with just the right-sized one. Called the Aygo X Prologue Concept, this compact crossover SUV has been conceptualized as the perfect little SUV for Europe. Taking the standard Aygo hatchback as the base, the Japanese automaker has reimagined a dreamy concept. However, just because it is small doesn’t mean the Aygo X Prologue is boring – far from it, in fact.

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Toyota Aygo X Prologue Concept unveiled

The funky dual-tone Sparkling Chilli Red paint scheme really brings the Aygo X Prologue to life on the outside. It is lively, young, and energetic – features the brand thinks that European car buyers who are style-conscious would be attracted to. And no kidding, the Aygo X Prologue’s design surely stands out.

Toyota Aygo X Prologue Concept front

The front fascia looks bold and cheeky at the same time, courtesy of a full-width LED light that merges effortlessly into the main headlamp cluster. Meanwhile, the LED hexagon-shaped fog lamps and the stylish skid plate are placed right at the bottom of the front bumper. Two vertically-oriented air vents flank the bumper whilst the central air dam is finished in gloss black.

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Toyota Aygo X Prologue Concept rear three quarter

The high-set ground clearance, large and stylish 19-inch alloy wheels, and flared wheel arches promote the Aygo X Prologue’s SUV appeal. To make this more exciting, Toyota has integrated action cameras in each of the Aygo X Prologue’s svelte wing mirrors that allow users to record footage of all their explorations. While the bodywork itself holds a lot of curves and muscular bulges, the sharp window line and a sloped roofline hint at this small SUV’s sportiness and edginess. The rear integrates a bicycle-holder mount into the skid plate assembly, while the taillights feature a hexagonal design and include a full-width LED strip just as that found at the front.

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Toyota Aygo X Prologue Concept rear

As for its dimensions, the Aygo X Prologue is just a little bigger than the standard Aygo hatchback. However, that is only reflected in its overall length of 3,700mm. On other fronts, it is pretty much the same size as its hatchback sibling, with a height of 1,500mm and a wheelbase of 2,430mm. In its home market, the final version of the Aygo X Prologue will be based on the brand’s compact TNGA-B platform and will find itself placed a step below the Yaris.

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Toyota Aygo X Prologue Concept front three quarter left

Upon an expected release sometime in 2022, the production model will come with a three-cylinder turbo-petrol engine. This small but efficient motor is likely to be mated to a manual and an optional CVT automatic transmission, spinning just the front wheels. Toyota is aiming the Aygo X Prologue to be the entry point into the company’s crossover SUV model in their European lineup, so affordability will remain a key USP for the production version. As expected, the chances of the production avatar of the Toyota Aygo X Prologue making it to India are slim.

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