Truck Carrying EVs Catches Fire Near Nashik
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Truck Carrying Electric Scooters Catches Fire Near Nashik

In the light of recent events, there is much debate going around whether EVs are safe for the Indian terrain or not. Adding fuel to the fire, quite literally, is the latest addition to a long list of EV fire-catching incidents. A batch of about 20 electric scooters from Jitendra EV erupted in a fire on April 9 while en route to Bangalore from the Nashik factory. Fortunately, no casualties are reported, though 20 out of the 40 scooters caught fire.

The company said in a statement that the situation was swiftly controlled and an investigation is underway to determine the root cause.

“An unfortunate incident took place on 9th April near our factory gate in a scooter transport container. The situation was immediately brought under control by timely intervention from our team. Safety being of prime importance, we are investigating the root cause and we will come up with the findings in the coming days.”

Jitendra EV to ETAuto

This is reported to be the fifth incident of an EV erupting into flames ever since the first reported EV fire occurred on March 26 when an Ola electric scooter caught fire in Pune. Many similar incidents were reported in the following days, including one that resulted in the tragic demise of a man and his 13-year old daughter in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Even petrol/diesel and CNG vehicles arent exempt from these fires. There were reports of a motorbike exploding in Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh. Another one occurred in Delhi’s Mahipalpur where a Delhi Government bus caught fire. The Ministry of Road Transport has ordered a probe into these rising incidents to investigate the root cause of the fires, as rising cases suggest a collective anomaly.

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