Upcoming Ford Cars in India in 2020 - All About Buying & Selling of Used Cars, New Car Launches
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Upcoming Ford Cars in India in 2020

Founded over 115 years ago, American automobile manufacturer Ford, stands out as one of the biggest names in the industry. They sell cars that offer a lot more than just exciting driving experiences – their cars are close to perfection. When the brand finally made its way over to India in 1995, they already knew they could win over the hearts of the people, and they did just that. From SUVs to sedans and everything in between, Ford has given the Indian customer an option for all their needs and wants. The company is set to launch a bunch of new cars in the coming months and we take a look at a few of them here.

Ford Kuga Rs. 17.0 Lakh
Ford Mondeo Rs. 14.0 Lakh
Ford EcoSport 2020 Rs. 9.00 Lakh

Ford Kuga

Expected Launch May, 2021
Engine 2.0L TDCi Diesel, 1.6L EcoBoost
Transmission Automatic PowerShift
Mileage 16-21 Kmpl

Implementing the “One Ford” strategy, the Ford Kuga will be launched in multiple markets to help save money on production. The exterior of the SUV features a great looking grille with sleek chrome accents. On the bumper, the car comes with large air dams as well as turn indicators and fog lamps. Distinct contour lines run down the side of the vehicle which give the car a stylish and modern look. The rear of the Kuga is also newly designed with tail lights that wrap around the sides while twin chrome exhaust tips add a sporty layer to the car. Powering the car is a 2.0L TDCi diesel engine as well as a 1.6L EcoBoost engine that comes with an automatic PowerShift transmission system. Offering a mileage of about 16 kmpl on city roads and 27 kmpl on highway roads, the 2.0L diesel engine is designed to perform. The interiors of the Kuga feature a modernised look with sporty accents, digital dashboard, and a premium leather finish. The Ford Kuga was initially set for a 2019 launch, but the novel Coronavirus pandemic has pushed back that date and the company could make the car available sometime in 2021.

Ford Mondeo

Expected Launch May, 2021
Engine 1.0L EcoBoost, 1.6L TDCi Diesel, 1.5L Diesel

Similar to the Kuga, Ford was ready to bring the Mondeo into the Indian market but the COVID-19 pandemic made it very difficult to keep that deadline. Ford previously released a variant of the Mondeo in India quite a few years ago but it didn’t quite turn out to be the most used car in the country. But, as India continues to develop and the economy grows, the American manufacturer has, once again, announced the arrival of the new Ford Mondeo. This executive sedan will be made available in a number of different countries as a part of the “One Ford” initiative. As seen in its launch, the car will have an adequate amount of space, will give buyers value for their money, and is designed to perform on Indian roads. In the front, the Mondeo sports a hexagonal grille with horizontal headlamps that sweep back towards the doors. The bonnet, bumpers, and tail lights also give the car a newer, more refined look as compared to its previous model. On the inside, leather is the primary material used and as such, it offers a rich, plush feel to the car. The infotainment system is now fitted with a touchscreen for quick access to music, maps, settings, and more. As per the details released, the Ford Mondeo will house a 1.0L EcoBoost engine – the same engine found on the current EcoSport in India. There will also be diesel options in the form of a 1.6L TDCi engine as well as a 1.5L engine with mileages ranging from 16-22 kmpl depending on the powertrain.

Ford EcoSport 2020

Expected Launch 15 June, 2021
Engine 1.5L 3-Cylinder Petrol, 1.5L Diesel

With developments initiating back in January, 2019, the new Ford EcoSport is gearing up to be a major contender in the mini-SUV segment. The current model has already made its mark in the country and customers are expecting some exciting things for the newer model. The car has already been spotted under covers for testing and it looks like the EcoSport is about to get a facelift in all departments. With a more squared look to the current model, it seems like Ford has decided to give the new EcoSport a more flowing feel with smooth curves and contours that run through the body of the vehicle. Overall, the car looks a bit wider than the current model while the bonnet and wheel arches have a significant amount of added muscle to them. The most noticeable change is in the back where the spare wheel has finally been removed. Jumping under the hood, we could see the new EcoSport with a 1.5L 3-cylinder petrol engine with BA6 compliance, while there could also be an option for a 1.5L Mahindra diesel engine as well. If a used car evaluation tool has to be used, the Ford EcoSport 2020 is the best option to use it on. The already popular EcoSport available today will surely make it easier for interested buyers to get their RC transfer papers ready and make the change.


Q: What new vehicles is Ford coming out with?

A: Ford is expected to launch 3 new cars in India in 2020 and 2021. The Kuga, Mondeo, and the EcoSport Facelift are the cars that are yet to be released.

Q: Which Ford car is the best in India?

A: The Ford EcoSport is the best-selling car in India and offers premium features at an affordable price.

Q: What is the future of Ford in India?

A: Ford and Mahindra will be joining together to form a merger in which Mahindra will own 51 percent of the collaboration. Ford will continue to design and launch cars under their own brand name.

Q: What is Ford’s best car?

A: In India, the Ford EcoSport and Ford Endeavour are regarded as the best. Outside India, the Ford Mustang is considered as the best car from their lineup.

Q: What is Ford’s cheapest car?

A: The Ford Figo is the most affordable car in India and is available at around Rs. 6.00 Lakh.

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