Tips on Buying a used Maruti Ciaz - Second-hand car buying guide
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Tips on Buying a used Maruti Ciaz

Team CARS24

Here is an experts guide to buying a used Maruti Ciaz that can help you find the correct second-hand Maruti Suzuki Ciaz sedan for yourself

The Maruti Ciaz was launched in 2014 and has been one of the most popular sedans on sale in the country, across various segments. In fact, so far, it’s only the Ciaz that has managed to outsell the Honda City comprehensively. Thanks to a lot of interior space, low cost of running, comfortable ride, sufficient performance, and the backing of a great after sales network, it’s really tough going wrong with buying a used Maruti Ciaz.

One can pick a three to a four-year-old model of a used Maruti Ciaz for as low as Rs 6 lakh or high as Rs 7.5 lakh, depending on the condition of the car. What’s fantastic is no matter which variant you buy, you get essential safety features like airbags and ABS as standard fitments. The running costs are low due to a high mileage, and spare parts are really affordable. What’s even better is that the interior space and comfort is comparable to many cars from a segment above.

A good way to start finding a used Maruti Ciaz is to first decide on the variant you want to purchase. A base-level VDi or VDI+ variant of a second hand diesel-powered Ciaz can cost you roughly Rs 6 lakh. The fully-loaded Z+ trim was launched in 2015. The most well-loaded model in the Ciaz line up offers a SmartPlay infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, satellite navigation, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and full-leather seats. The same year, the car received the SHVS mild hybrid technology for the diesel model, which is the version you should buy in case you’re looking for a diesel-sipping second-hand car. The car also got a sporty RS trim, which got a spoiler and a sporty body kit. Another highlight was an all-black interior. The equipment list was the same as that of the ZDI+.

Tips on Buying a used Maruti Ciaz -  Second-hand car buying guide - Cars24

Buying a used Maruti Ciaz isn’t tricky as the list of issues one needs to look out for is quite small. However, like every second-hand car, there are some things that can be troublesome for the new owner. Hence, it’s essential for the prospective buyer to test drive the car properly and even get it checked by an expert.

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Tips on Buying a used Maruti Ciaz

AC Vents 

It’s a good idea to check the interior trim properly as the dashboard is prone to develop a rattle. Hence, some of the components tend to wear out faster. Plus, thanks to a really long wheelbase, the car can even receive some minor jolts on scrapping its underbelly on an undulation. This leads a faster wear and tear on parts such as the AC vents of the dashboard. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to get it all rectified as parts are really cheap. A regular service usually doesn’t cost anything more than Rs 8,000, even if u factor in the cost of all sorts of consumables.


Another common problem with some of the used Maruti Ciaz is with its steering. At times, while taking a U-turn, the steering wheel doesn’t come back to its original position in the dead centre. Hence, a proper test drive is of utmost importance before you plan to put your money on some second-hand model.

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Front suspension

Like many other Maruti Suzuki models, the Ciaz tends to develop issues with its front suspension. A quick drive on a broken stretch of tarmac is enough to let you know about the issues with the front suspension. The bushings of the front link rod tend to wear out fast, and one needs to watch out for a rattling noise to make sure if the component needs attention. Luckily, replacing one doesn’t take a bomb. Still, it’s a better idea to buy a second-hand Maruti Ciaz with as fewer problems as possible.


The Maruti Ciaz is a well-built car with good quality plastics used inside the cabin. However, some buttons tend to wear out faster and develop cracks in due course of time. Hence, it’s a good idea to inspect the interior in proper lighting conditions. Make sure all the switches are working properly and don’t need immediate replacement.

Tips on Buying a used Maruti Ciaz -  Second-hand car buying guide - Cars24


An issue with the ZXI+/ZDI+/RS trims of the used Maruti Ciaz is that the touchscreen infotainment system can hang at times. On such occasions, the system fails to respond, and one needs to switch off the car completely and restart it to have the system work again. Not a big issue but definitely something that can cause unnecessary irritation to the user. Hence, please make sure that the Smartplay system of the car you’re about to buy is in order.

How much to pay for a used Maruti Ciaz in a good condition?

The Maruti Ciaz initially went on sale at a starting price of Rs 8.08 lakh. Over the years, the prices got many revisions, and the recently launched facelift is significantly costlier than the earlier version. However, your search will usually involve the previous version as the facelift was launched only a couple of years ago. Be ready to pay up to Rs 7 lakh for the Z or the Z+ trim of a used petrol-powered Ciaz with rough 40,000 km. The diesel version could cost another Rs 50,000. However, keep in mind that the Ciaz retains its value very well and the premium you pay while purchasing a second-hand model can be recovered to an extent when you decide to part ways with it.

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