Watch: World's First Flying Car To Completes Intercity Travel
Parth Dutt
Car Technology
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Watch: World’s First Flying Car To Complete Inter-City Travel

Parth Dutt

Ever since man has been capable of imagining the future, somehow every automotive futuristic musing seems to land on the concept of a flying car. This idea of a man developing technology so incredible has been reflected everywhere, even in tons of pop culture moments since time immemorial. Several nods to this idea include multiple universes, ranging from the MCU to Harry Potter, or even the Back To The Future movie franchise! Whether it’s MCU’s Captain America: The First Avenger, as Howard Stark submits a prototype of the fantastical car and Bucky stands, open-mouthed and entranced, or even in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as Ron and Harry take flight, the concept has long stirred the minds of all automotive enthusiasts. At last, the idea is no longer a dream but turned into a reality!

A dream of many has come true as AirCar completes the first-ever inter-city test flight. The car that can fly was a fantasy, but now AirCar has arrived, a car with a BMW engine that can cover a distance of 1000kms by fighting and hovering around cities at an altitude of 8,200 ft. Amongst many companies that have been able to build prototypes, AirCar is the company that was able to tackle the technical challenge of making a car capable of flight.

The car completed the flight between the two Slovakian cities, Nitra and Bratislava, on 28th June. The flying car covered the distance between the two airports in 35 minutes. The car is said to able to convert itself into a sports car in about three minutes after landing. It is able to attain a speed of about 170 kmph with its 160 hp BMW engine. The car is also capable of turning itself into an aircraft in around two minutes and fifteen seconds from take-off. The AirCar has a ballistic parachute and a propeller fixed to it. The wonderous car is said to perform manoeuvres mid-air, which is something we would all love to witness.

The growing congestion on roads has made inter-city travel very exhausting and hence flying cars is one of the remedies to the menace of long traffic jams. The flying cars will be able to help in reducing the traffic as well as reducing the time to travel inter-city manifold. There has been a whole lot of discussion on this topic, and many big companies have tried to turn the dream of flying cars into reality. Uber has also been working towards disrupting inter-city transportation by using flying cars. The change in the transportation industry is around the corner with the advent of flying car technology. With more such successful test flights, soon the day will arrive when this vision that has been with us for aeons shall turn into reality.